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In classic BJP style, yet another lofty condemnation returns to roost. Subramanian Swamy had filed complaint against Priyanka Vadra for possessing multiple DINs. Applying for or owning multiple Director Identification Numbers is a criminal offense with a six month jail sentence and fifty thousand ruppee fine.

Priyanka Vadra has admitted to applying for DIN multiple times and is attempting to end the matter with paying the fine. Subramanian Swamy had also complained against Karti Chidambaram.

Less happy news for the BJP, whose supporters went to town with condemnations of corrupt character in the run up to the elections is that it now appears that Nitin Gadkari has six DIN numbers as well - 00403714, 00192107, 00192180, 00256905, 01529243 and 01598520.

Nitin Gadkari ke DIN
Nitin Gadkari ke DIN

Now, while Karti Chidambaram and Priyanka Vadra are hot targets because of who their parents are, Nitin Gadkari happens to be a Member of Parliament. It remains to be seen if Modi's promise of strict action against corrupt leaders works against his own party members. Or is it back to business as usual now that elections are done?