What is this address we are supposed to report black money to?

This post has been updated to take out some points that were misunderstood by me and have been clarified and another issue which appears to be resolved. Okay, I’m spooked. I don’t understand this enough to even claim something is wrong. This is the most bizarre “email situation” I have ever seen. It began with […]

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Somnath Bharti sold porn domains?

Fact checking Rahul Kanwal’s accusations about Somnath Bharti

Just two days ago, we were laughing our heads off at “wget” jokes because the prosecutor in Bradley Manning’s trial asked him about using the Linux command “wget” as though it were a dangerous hacking tool, when in reality it is a fairly routine command used to get files. To a world ignorant about what […]

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So you got an Operation India Notification

If you landed up on this page, it is likely because you received an email notification to remove content within 36 hours of the IT Rules being passed. This page attempts to explain what’s up. You and your website/blog have just become a part of an unprecedented experiment with proposed laws. A test drive of […]

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