Cybercrime Cop Blackmailed a Doctor

Maharashtra Police Scam: How a “Cybercrime Cop” Blackmailed a Doctor

Mumbai, 28 April, 2015: Can the Police Cybercrime Cell target you for filing an online complaint on the Anti Corruption Bureau? Can Anti Curruption Bureau (ACB) pass on information about your online complaint to the Cybercrime Cell? Isn’t ACB supposed to treat such complaints as confidential and investigate the subject of the complaint, rather than […]

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New Rabbit, Same Hat

There seems to be a perception of a massive change for the better with Modi getting elected. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds, because all I am seeing is that a political puppet that got exposed and thus rendered useless got discarded for its alternative. Or perhaps more accurately, one out of […]

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Lok Sabha Elections Predictions
Politics & Political Commentary

Predictions for Lok Sabha Elections 2014

Here is how I see the Lok Sabha Elections unfolding. If you want a TL;DR version, we’ll be going for this circus all over again, soon. This is merely about where we are headed right now. If you follow me on Twitter, I’ve said most of this there already. I was requested to write this […]

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