South Asia

Modi on LoC conflicts and relations with Pakistan before and after
Politics & Political Commentary

No laundry for ex-Modi supporters finding a conscience

What is the use of public confessions of regret for supporting Modi after he is Prime Minister? The damage is done. The country finds new lows to reach daily…. and what development?

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Women's rights

Sexual exploitation of the Jarawa and persecution of journalist who exposed it

Denis Giles of The Andaman Chronicles had, on the 1st of February broken news of shocking sexual exploitation of the Jarawa in the Andaman Islands by outsiders and fishermen. While the sexual exploitation of the Jarawa is nothing new, this time it was a Jarawa man on tape describing the suffering of the Jarawa girls […]

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asaram bapu against a blue background and flowers
Religion and Phiosophy

Asaram Bapu – when Godmen rape

Asaram bapu and his fanatical followers are a snapshot of how irrelevant moral behavior is to worship. In the recent past, Asaram Bapu has made headlines for holding the victim of a brutal rape jointly responsible for being raped. He has celebrated a mass holi wasting water in the middle of the worst drought Maharashtra […]

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Human rights
Land Rights

Land, loss and lunacy – Niyamgiri’s story of India out of sight

A lunacy drives India’s development. Vast untouched treasures of nature are discarded with scant thought on the altar of a mythical development. Lakhs of development hit Indians are reduced to lives of despair.

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