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What if bank deposits exceed the notes issued by RBI?

Explained in 5 charts: How Indian banks' big NPA problem evolved over years

Disclaimer: I am not at all knowledgeable on the subject. This is a question based on the reading I’ve been doing about demonetisation. One of the objectives of demonetisation was curbing black money or money that tax should be paid on, but isn’t. Going in, no one appears to have had an idea of how …

Some disagreements with Sonali Ranade’s on Koodankulam

Percentage of time devoted to rural news on TV

Sonali Ranade made several tweets supporting the go ahead for the Kodankulam plant. I see things differently. This is not to say either of us is right or wrong, but the need for debate (that the government desperately strives to avoid) Share “ “Green signal for Koodankulam is a red signal for our lives” …