Solar power


Updated: Suggestions to Aam Aadmi Party for a more self-reliant India

Here are a list of ideas I can think of to make India more self-reliant even in today’s world of mega imports and consumer mentality. India may not have a lot of money (at least among the masses) or enough jobs for all to earn, but one huge resource India has that we don’t use […]

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Solar Still for distilling water

Solar Stills: Distilling clean water from dirty water #MAHAdrought MSM should broadcast this information

The logic of solar stills is simple. Water heated turns into vapour. Vapour condenses on the underside of any cover containing it, the condensed droplets give in to gravity and fall from the lowest point. These how-to videos explains how solar stills work, but it can be done with any kind of containers with a […]

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