Sikkim Lottery Fraud

Sikkim Lottery Fraud: Sikkim State Lottery swindles Mumbai Senior Citizen

Beware if you buy lottery tickets! It appears that the Sikkim Lottery has flat out refused to pay out a 2 lakh cash prize won by 65 year old Senior Citizen C K Pai. What is worse, it appears that there is no legal way for lottery winners to recover their lottery winnings if Sikkim […]

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C Manjula

Media complicity in attacks on Activists

When Prashant Bhushan and Arundhati Roy were attacked by affiliates of BJP, there was news media in place and ready seemingly with prior information.

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Things needed for disaster relief and how easy it is to help

Here are some supplies needed desperately at the sites of disaster in Sikkim. I imagine the needs in Orissa will not be all that different. The earlier post on helping Sikkim recover contains information on volunteers all over the country and world. Find one for your area (better still, become one). Send the supplies you […]

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Sikkim – donate, volunteer, help

The earthquake in Sikkim on the 18th September 2011 has created massive devastation. North Sikkim has been destroyed on a massive scale. This is a time to use your vacation time and money to go to Sikkim with help in your heart. The destruction has dwarfed the constant pouring of money and effort into […]

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