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It is not new that sexual harassment of women is at an all time high. It is also not new that people in power are simply not interested in doing anything about this. Considering that they are busy blaming women for the crimes happening against them, and considering that leaders are sharing porn clips among themselves - porn clips of women raped and beheaded - I don't think anyone is particularly interested in what happens to the women.

This leads me to believe that the objective IS to enjoy women, abandon their safety by telling them to manage it themselves. When you look at things like this, we are making definite progress. However, we still aren't perfect, but a shining milestone was achieved a couple of days back, when finally, a bunch of people wandering onto a rape scene joined in on the rape. This is good, because the efficiency ratio was really high. Imagine 16 men satisfied by only 2 women. This is excellent. We have less and less women in the country, and this is the future anyway, I suppose.

It is all in how you look at it. What is the need at all to bother with what a few women think?

Welcome the future!

We are closer to six sigma. Consider this situation:

A girl got called by her boyfriend to a remote location. She went with her cousin. What is it Sheila Dixit had said? Not to go alone? That was good advice. 16 men with one girl would have gotten crowded. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Turns out  that the boyfriend, Javed was a fantastic guy. Not only did he want to rape her, he was cool with the sharing thing. So, he and his friends all got to have come good harmless fun.

In other news, remember me saying that we need to become more accepting about sex in order to prevent crimes? Well... this is more efficient, no? Absolutely public sex. Anyone can walk in and join in. It doesn't get more open than this! Just like a porn video, someone said. Apparently there are porn videos where anyone can walk in and have sex. Will finish posting the article and get on Google. I need an education. BTW, absolutely thoughtful election campaign. A significant number of our population are indeed rapists.

And here is what makes us truly great as a nation. Passerby's joined in. Would have really sucked if the boys having harmless fun had to stop or something. Particularly if everyone hadn't got their turn. Most unfair. Passerby's were understanding and even supported the conservation of women effort by raping these two instead of going and finding more for themselves. Nice, those  can now be useful on another day.

So this picture is obviously faked, but imagine what we as a country could achieve!

This is the future of India. Such progressive people. Such modern, inclusive thinking. Vikram Bharti is the stepson of a local corporator and I think it is excellent that he made sure that the BJP is never seen as a party of mediocre, impotent old coots who can't get a hard on themselves and only end up watching. Virility is important. Also good that two advocates sons were among the rapists. That way, it will be easy to showcase everyone's achievements, and get the Supreme Court to lay off meddling in people's personal matters.

The only kicker here is that the media is biased against the Congress. One of the rapists was the grandson of a Congress corporator, but they are not giving them credit as due. It is all a conspiracy to make Congress look incapable of keeping the women in their place. Going to be really embarassing for Shiela Dixit after she finds that all her enabling and recommendations to girls worked, but they failed to bring name and fame to the Congress, because media just wouldn't name. Truly, this country is going to the dogs. Credit be where credit is due, I say.

As a side observation, I want to mention that those concerned about the Food Crisis in India can stop worrying. If we are to remember a certain hero's words, people rape because they eat food that makes them do such things. We have here irrefutable proof that our nutrition is almost exclusively aphrosodiacs. And if you think that's cheap, ask our leaders the cost for Viagra and learn. It would be easy to dismiss this as only the elite being able to get good food, but here's the kicker - passerby's went from zero to take off in no time at all. What are the chances that passerby's were only elites?

So, all of you, quit whining. India is doing just fine.

My suggestion. These guys should be nominees for next year's Padma awards for revolutionizing sex in India. Immediately, they should be gifted T-Shirts with this print by no less than the President of India.

The true sons of the soil must be provided this T-Shirt to facilitate their good work

And this should go on the back:

Some harmless fun

I have been asked to inform patriotic women that they should carry condoms, a few porn magazines, and other easily carried items that will make sex pleasurable to do their bit for the Nation's objectives.

Thank you.

If you don't understand this is satire, you have bigger problems than this article.


The mountain of shame with our treatment of women keeps mounting. There is unending evidence that provocative clothes have little to do with rape and molestation, yet our policemen and political leaders choose to blame the women for being victims. I challenge them to find the woman in India who hasn’t been molested on public transport. If the entire country is full of provocative women, then maybe they need to come to terms with the world they live in.

On the other hand, considering that most men don’t rape and will spend entire lives without raping, it is difficult to blame women for being provocative, because if women’s clothing were the problem, all men would have raped at some point or the other – or at least most of them. If provocative clothes were the problem, women in salwar kameez and saris wouldn’t be raped.

These are facts women have got tired of repeating, and yet they seem to make no impact on the intellect of these misogynists.

Behavioral science deals with a phenomenon called projection, where a person denying something about self condemns its manifestation in the world outside. So, a person who feels lust and hides it out of guilt, blames whatever he is seeing at the timefor his feelings that he doesn't want to face. The fact is, we see the world through a lens of our thoughts. It is like the blind men and the elephant. Whether the elephant is called a pillar or rope is less about the elephant and more about the blind man's ability to understand it.

To avoid discomfort of responsibility for their own actions, the irresponsible mind projects it at the object they wish to exploit in an effort to justify attacking it. In attacking it, the perpetrator finds relief for his own illegitimate thoughts. But the justification is false. The cause of the action is not external. This is not dissimilar to hitting the object that a child hurt itself on to make the child stop crying. Except that these are adults making no effort whatsoever to manage their own thoughts and actions and the “objects” being hit are living, breathing human beings.

They prefer to deflect condemnation from those who represent their thinking onto victims of those thoughts and actions in a macabre attempt to justify their own inhuman attitudes toward women.

In a superficial sense, it works too. The DGP of Andhra Pradesh, V. Dinesh Reddy blamed women’s clothing and (believe it or not) food men eat for rapes. Now Karnataka’s women and child welfare minister C C Patil blames rising incidents of rape on provocative clothes. And KK Seethamma, who heads the committee against sexual harassment in Bangalore University thinks women wear obscene clothes to tempt men. Last year, the DCP of Delhi had blamed women traveling alone, unescorted, conveniently forgetting our “Women’s day celebration” of the murder of a young girl in broad daylight outside her college in the capital of the country. Shiela Dixit's "One should not be Adventurous" was another such one.

The terrifying part of this is not just that women are being blamed for rapes, but the kind of clothing that is being considered as obscene. Reddy speaks of women wearing salwar kameez. Seethamma thinks that blouses of saris should be full sleeved! In other words, almost every woman in the country is obscene and that is why men rape. Every person mentioned above is in a position where he or she is expected to protect rights of women.

Chief Justice of India K. G. Balakrishnan K. G. Balakrishnan had tried to fix this problem by approving of marriage between rapist and victim – in essence opening the door to permanent victimization of the women by being pressured into a marriage to prevent shame – make it look ok, never mind if the victim is condemned to living with her oppressor.

Aparently these shining custodians of the well being of our country don’t read news. MOST rapes are of modestly dressed women. Women dressed provocatively are actually NOT attractive targets for rapists, because they are less likely to stay silent out of shame, more likely to fight back, make a scene, file a complaint and slap them in a line up.

But the ostrich game here is that this is about provocative women. "If only women were not provocative, everything would be all right." Tell that to men who get raped. Tell that to babies that get raped. Should the baby have worn a less transparent diaper? The vulnerable in any society are the first visible victims of its decay, but make no mistake, the decay is all pervading. If all women and kids were separated totally from all men, there still would be rapes.

Blaming the victim is a long time technique of those in power who are not interested in protecting the weak. Whether it is peaceful protesters being brutally silenced, or it is women being raped. It becomes convenient to make their safety their problem and shrug it off as them being responsible for their own suffering. There is no interest in challenging powerful people and suffering unnecessary inconvenience in order to protect un-advantageous weak people.

This, bigotry is the reality of the protectors in our country. Is it any wonder that India is the fourth worst place in the world for a woman? Yes. A worldwide survey has come up with data. The even scarier part in this is our population. Fourth worst in the world takes on a whole new meaning when put into the context of our size. To put it bluntly, we are one of the major contributors to women's rights violations worldwide - not a list we should aspire to be on.

Women’s clothing is a guaranteed red herring. It distracts from their failure to prevent crimes to a debate that is irrelevant to it – the conclusion becomes about women’s clothes or men’s culpability and misses the fact that these people are incompetent at their jobs and continue to earn salaries and victimize victims of their incompetence further through blame.

Well, here is the wake up call. A mob of thirty odd men gang molested a woman standing on the street on New Year’s Eve. It was broadcast on TV. She was escorted by a man. She was wearing a full sleeved sweater. A group of thirty odd men fell upon her like a pack of dogs and the police beat them away like the dogs they were.

In other words, these brilliant orators explaining how it is a woman's fault she gets raped don't know which end of their anatomy they are talking from. Sorry to rain on your parade. Happy New Year!