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Why had the profiles of Air India protesters been blocked?

Air India Cabin Crew - Orkut Community

Blocked page’s [satellite] Time of bocks 2012-05-12 11:46:00 Why has the government blocked pages and profiles Air India Protesters ? This data was pulled right off the Reliance servers , we all already know that Reliance thinks of itself as its own government and does blocking of pages that is not required by the government …

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. And we are in India!

Press release by CERT in newspaper claiming their website was not hacked or brought down

Anonymous has always fascinated me. It was with great interest that I heard of Operation India being “engaged”. I liked it that they were picking up on censorship to protest. I thought that DDoS attacks were a lot of trouble for little result beyond the time of the attack and illegal as well. Sites being defaced …