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How about a NationalWalkout?

We failed as a society – not the first time We are ashamed of ourselves – damn right, we should be We will never forget – until the next time it happens again And we fail, we feel ashamed and we forget How about we try something different? How about we really show our elected …

Do parents really care about child safety or do they want to outsource caring for children?

Vidyut and Nisarga

Disclosure of bias: I am biased against mainstream schools as currently exist in India and think they do more harm than good. We need better schools and for reasons more than security. This is the second murder in a Ryan International School. Last year, in February, a child was found drowned in the Ryan International …

A quick look at size of chargesheets

Percentage of time devoted to rural news on TV

The Tarun Tejpal chargesheet attempting Guinness book records over what was basically a groping and rape under the new definition got me curious about the sizes of various chargesheets. This is mostly an experiment driven by curiosity. I thought the chargesheet had a lot of pages and compared it with a few, and there seemed …