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Some disagreements with Sonali Ranade’s on Koodankulam

Sonali Ranade made several tweets supporting the go ahead for the Kodankulam plant. I see things differently. This is not to say either of us is right or wrong, but the need for debate (that the government desperately strives to avoid) Share “ “Green signal for Koodankulam is a red signal for our lives” tinyurl.com/6srwllb […]

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Clean, Safe, Cheap Nuclear Power – Part 2: The Safe

The last post ends with a table of nuclear incidents in India. The thing is that when it comes to radiation, there isn’t too much difference between clean and safe. Contamination is unsafe. It is also expensive. So, these posts may take specific perspectives, but they are interlinked. Radiation is not safe. Experts are increasingly […]

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