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Sub Inspector issues death threat to activist Shabnam Hashmi #AadhaarMafia

I received the following message from activist Shabnam Hashmi along with a phone call recording: ‘जिसका आधार नंबर और एड्रेस नहीं है हम उसे कहीं भी ख़तम कर सकते हैं’ ‘एक अभियान चल रहा है घेरो और मारो’ Sub Inspector threatens to kill Pehchan (I am one of the founding trustees) runs a small centre […]

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Bund Garden police brutality assaulting student for exposing their crime

Bundgarden station police assault a transgender and two other youth, Commissioner of Police not interested

It has been over a week since a naked eunuch rushed into the compound of Bundgarden Police Station fleeing from a group of men who had stripped and assaulted him. Here are the surviving videos. Not only did the police not rescue him and arrest his assaulters, they kicked him out of the police station […]

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