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#ChennaiRains #ChennaiFloods #ChennaiRainsHelp Accommodation available

Regularly updated information on emergency volunteer accommodation available for disaster relief in Chennai floods. Please add updates in comments if your accommodation is listed, but is no longer available or full to capacity and should be taken off the list of available accommodation. Mirror of data on [table file=””][/table]

How can we help with drought relief in Maharashtra?

I have followed news on Maharashtra drought for days. It is most frustrating that there is little obvious drought relief. The need is water. What can we do? I am just trying to brainstorm ways how we might be able to help. Reliable information from the ground indicates that there is a full fledged private …

Drowning accident on adventure trip

Yesterday, a young man and sole bread winner of a poor family lost his life in a tragic and completely avoidable accident that should serve as a warning for people to not treat nature and its risks lightly. This is the waterfall rappelling site at Mahuli as seen from the top. This photo is during …