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The famous Patna Museum, started in 1917, turned a hundred years old this April. Today, it was shut down to move its wealth of national antiques moved to an autonomous museum by the government.

Detail of door of Patna Museum
Detail of door of Patna Museum

This had been coming and students of the neighbouring College of Arts and Crafts celebrated its centenary as well as fought tooth and nail to keep it alive as only the love of Art students used to haunting priceless treasures can. Speaking with several people fighting the government to keep a piece of Bihar's priceless heritage alive, I pieced together a story that to me, at least speaks of devastating loot, in the same manner is the ongoing privatization of many national resources from water to historical antiques.

In a state with an abundance of museums falling to disrepair for an alleged lack of funds,  and public infrastructure as well as citizens lacking basic amenities in large swathes of the state, and at a time when Nitish Kumar was busy touting Bihar's poverty, he also saw fit to give 17 acres of land and an estimated 500 crores for the construction of a "world class museum" that would run as an autonomous trust. The usual circus of corruption followed. Tenders through an opaque process, cronies on board, astronomical consulting fees and when challenged, plain ignoring the courts and delaying the case till the project became too big to fail in spite of the High Court judgment clearly saying that the Bihar Museum project was not in public interest (even though it refused to stop it because the project was nearing completion by the time the case concluded). If you're thinking this sounds like UIDAI and Aadhaar, you wouldn't be alone.

An important distinction here, is that the Patna Museum is a Government Department, while the Bihar Museum is owned and run by the Bihar Museum Society - which is basically an NGO with the board appointed by the government, but it is not a government body. It has no legislative backing as a government body. So, what is happening here is that the treasures of the state are being handed over to a privately run organization, while the government fudges this knowledge from people by calling it a "government museum". If it is a government museum, why is an autonomous body recruiting people for it? When was the transfer of the museum done from the Society to the government?

And a 100 year old museum that belongs to the people of Bihar - which amounts to a heritage treasure in itself, is being killed to fill the NGO's museum with world famous antiques and archaeological finds. Its most crucial and valuable exhibits, referenced by archaeologists worldwide in countless books - artefacts dating to before 1764 - will be transferred to the Bihar Museum. There is also fudging of legal process. For example, exhibits on loan from Archaeological Survey of India, Indian Museum in Calcutta and the Lucknow museum cannot be moved without their consent. They have not consented. The pieces are being moved anyway, illegally. Jaya Sankritayan, daughter of Rahul Sankritayan is furious> Her father, Rahul Sankritayan had given his finds of Buddhist and other artifacts from the 12th Century explicitly to the Patna Museum for display. In the event the museum closes, they would revert to the family, she is absolutely not consenting to them being moved to the Bihar Museum.

For those who don't know the difference between a Government Museum and one that is a registered Society, here's the part of Manual of Museum Planning: Sustainable Space, Facilities, and Operations that I found useful in understanding:

Differnet kinds of organizations of museums
Differnet kinds of organizations of museums
funds for private museum
funds for private museum

What this basically means is that the government gifted an entire museum to an NGO. But it also has other implications. While the Patna Museum can rely on the Bihar government for funds, the Bihar Museum may be eligible for funds, but it is the government's discretion whether it gives them and it must raise funds from its own resources and visitors. This pretty much guarantees that sooner or later, the fees for viewing the museum would be priced way higher than the Patna Museum in a state with large numbers poor people who wouldn't be able to view their own heritage - or the shortfall would be made up in other ways and it not being a government Museum, you wouldn't be entitled to answers from the Bihar Museum.

This means, it is vital for the Bihar Museum to be an economic success. And economic success in the armpit of a world famous museum that is a hundred years old would be difficult. The government of Bihar has come to the rescue by giving the Bihar Museum the exhibits of the Patna Museum and shutting down the Patna Museum instead of having to develop its own collection! If you look at what is going on here, you have an NGO that is being given government land, public funds and irreplaceable national archeological wealth to create and run a museum as a private entity. The question must be asked why give all this to an NGO then and why not let it belong to the people of Bihar?

To do this, the 100 year old Patna Museum, which is owned by the state of Bihar and which could easily have been upgraded to "world class" for a fraction of the cost, was raped of its archaeological treasures, including the world famous Didarganj Yakshi sculpture estimated to be 2500 years old, a holy relic of Lord Buddha, Chausa bronzes and many other archaeological finds referenced in scholarly works worldwide. To understand the history of the Museum and how intertwined the creation and curation of the Patna Museum is with the assertion of the identity of the state of Bihar itself, read this loving article by Salila Kulshreshtha that makes it come alive. This Museum opened, in its current glory for the last time yesterday.

When I spoke with Dr. C. P. Singh, General secretary of Bihar Puravid parishad, his anguish 90% of Patna museum's antique exhibits being given to Bihar Museum was unmistakable. And why not? From the little I know, the priceless archaeological finds in a museum are its soul. Which well wisher of a museum would tolerate being forced to part with most of them? His concern was even greater that there wasn't proper infrastructure yet at the Bihar Museum to handle the precious cargo coming in. "Even if we move homes, we have to be careful about the furniture, over here we have world famous relics that need to be handled with care and documented properly". Another concern I heard from an activist was that the inventory was not properly documented. In the hands of a private organization, it would be impossible to say if priceless artifacts from Bihar's history vanished without trace. The cynic in me is fairly certain that this, to the Bihar government and Bihar Museum Society, is a feature and not a bug.

I am not a lawyer, but even to the most uneducated eye, what is going on is clearly a transfer of public assets and funds to private hands in the name of creating a modern museum. In other words, a scam. I agree with the students of College of Arts and Crafts, Patna and the Patna Sangrahalay Bachao Samiti (Save the Patna Museum Association) that the Patna Museum needs to be saved, its painstakingly curated collection of exhibits returned and its dignity that is so interwoven with the history of Bihar itself must be restored.

I hope better legal minds than mine will scrutinize this situation and assist the cause of those fighting an overwhelming war to save something precious.


Cyclone Phailin: Government hospitals, health centers, control rooms, shelters and relief resources that we are able to organize visually on a map to aid the rescue efforts after Cyclone Phailin.

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I will slowly map these and remove from here, as I find missing addresses.

Barkas Hospital
Dental Hospital
24619012, 24601930
E.S.I. Erragadda
ENT, Koti
Gandhi Hospital, Secunderabad
27505566, Fax:27507711
Golconda Hospital .
Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital, Charminar
Homoepathy Hospital
Inst. of Tropical Diseases,Nallakunta
King Koti Hospital
Malakpet Hospital
Maternity Hospital, Nayapool
Maternity Hospital, Sulthan Bazar
Mental Hospital, Erragadda
Military Hospital,Secunderabad
MNJ Cancer Hospital,Red Hills
23397000, 23318422 Fax:23314063
Nampally Hospital
Niloufer Hospital, Red Hills
NIMS, Panjagutta
23489000, 23390933
Nizamia Genl. Hospital
Osmania Genl. Hospital
24600121, 24600140
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S.D. Eye Hospital,Mehdipatnam
23317274 Fax:23399611
SBBB. Maternity Hospital
State T.B. Centre, Erragadda
Superintendent Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital, Erragadda.
T.B & Chest Hospital, Erragadda
23814421 Fax: 23814425
Vanasthalipuram Homoepathy Hospital, Charminar

List of yet unmapped shelters in Andhra Pradesh

District NameBlock NameGP NameLocation/VillageCSMMC Secretary AddressContact No (GSMMC)Capacity
BalasoreBahanagaAvana (Arhuabad)S. P. High School At:BarajadeuliSri Nisikanta Biswal, Secretary, CSMMC AT: Barojdeuli, PO: Rupakhanda, Via-Avana Block: Bahanaga, DIST.: Balasore956788-255938/Mob-94378045303000
BalasoreBahanagaBaripadaNodal M.E School At-Moharudrapur(Kheranga)Sri Sumanta Dash, Secretary, CSMMC S/o- Shyamsundar AT:Maharudrapur, PO:Maharudrapur, Via-Gopalpur Block:Bahanaga, DIST.:Balasore06788-294093/Mob-9438551260,(Sarpanch)-94380471873000
BalasoreSoroGudBalabhadra High School, At-GudSri Chandrakanta Nayak S/o-Brundaban Nayak At-Gud PO-Gud Via-Anantapur Dist-Balasore9938262633 Headmaster- 99376060652000
BalasoreBaliapalBetagadiaNarayanpurpatna Primary SchoolSri Saktipada Giri, Secretart, CSMMC AT:Narayanpurpanta, PO:Narayanpur, Via-Pratapur Block:Baliapal, DIST. Balasore06781-214466/ Mob-9238806321, 99382702943000
BalasoreBaliapalJambhiraiAruadam Primary School At:JamharaiRamanatha Biswal, Secy. CSMMC AT:Jambharai, PO:Jambharai,Via-Langaleswar Block:Baliapal,DIST.:Balasore06781-25715 / 98618485473000
BalasoreBaliapalPanchupalliSaraswati Nodal U.P. (M.E) School At - KalasamuliSusant Kumar Mallik,Secy. CSMMC AT:Kalasimulli,PO:Jambharai,Via-Langaleswar Block:Baliapal,DIST.:Balasore06781-257151 / 94371289273000
BalasoreBhogaraiBajitpurUGME School At: SahabajpurBholanath Behera,Secy. CSMMC AT:Sahabajapur,PO:Bajidpur,Via-Chandeneswar BLOCK:Bhograi,DIST.:Balasore06781-232730/ 9437957960(STD),09732620313(Secy)2000
BalasoreBhogaraiHooglyUdayapur Govt.UGME School At:DakshinasorisaMrutyunjay Jena,Secy. CSMMC AT:Udayapur,PO:Bajitpur BLOCK:Bhograi,DIST.:BalasoreMobile-9437957960, Tel-06781-286063,231302(HM-Res,)06781-232448(Con. Sarpanch)2000
BalasoreBhogaraiHooglyNear Primary School At:KrushnagarHarekrushna Mandal,Secy. CSMMC AT:Krushna Nagar,PO:Chandaneswar BLOCK:Bhograi,DIST.:Balasore06781-286062(WLL)2000
BalasoreRemunaTalapadaTilotama ME School At:TalapadaSri Bidyadhar Mallik,Secy. CSMMC AT:Talapada, PO:Dwarika, Via-Gopalpur Block:Remuna, DIST.:Balasore06788-237663, Mobail-9338575159,98614561393000
BalasoreRemunaTundaraUGUP School At:TundaraSri Purusottam Barik,Secy. CSMMC C/o Chintamani Barik AT:Tundara, PO:Tundara Via:Rasalpur BLOCK:Remuna, DIST.:Balasore06782-238921/Mob- 93376608902000
BalasoreBaliapalNavadaNavada, K.C. Primary SchoolSri DamodarPanigrahi S/o-Gajendra At /po- Navada Via- Jagai Dist- Balasore99383781202000
BalasoreBhogaraiKantibhomiUP School At: BichitrapurHemanta Kumar Bhuyan, Secy CSMMC S/o Ananta Kumar At/Po: Bichitrapur, Via-Phulabani, Block:Bhogarai Dist: Balasore06781-231493/ 9938831354/ 9861502322/ 92382218063000
BalasoreBaliapalChoumukhaM.E. School Pochima At:Kankadapal (Choumukh)Ajaya kumar Jena Secretary, CSMMC S/o Sarat At/Po: Choumukh, Via-Pratappur (Pochima Kankadapal) Block: Baliapal Dist: BalasoreMob-9238911010,G.P. Secretary- 92370129273000
BalasoreRemunaInchudiPrimary School At: InchudiMr. Sarbeswar Das (Secy CSMMC) S/o Gobardhan At/Po: Inchudi,Via-Rasalpur, Block: Remuna Dist: Balasore06782-238038 Mobail- 94371600093000
BalasoreSadarParikhiME School At: TalabareiBinod Gopal Karan, Secy CSMMC S/o Madhusudan At: Talabarei, Po:Parikhi, Via: Chandipur, Block: Sadar Dist: BalasoreTel:06782-329690 Secretary-9853622092 / Sarapach: 9853153235 / Member: 9853099774/ 9853430571(Medicin Store)3000
BalasoreSadarKasafalUP School At: KasafalSri Nityananda Behera Secy CSMMC At/Po: Kasafal,Via-Langaleswar, Block: Sadar Dist: Balasore06781-281469(Village STD), 9861548453(Secy) , 9437004566(STD) ,Sarpanch-99381627963000
BalasoreBaliapalPratappurPrimary School,At-PratappurSri Dasarath Rout S/o:Late-Bimbadhar At/Po-Pratapur,Via-Pratappur,Dist-Balasore9238771953,06781-259018,99388676782000
BalasoreRemunaMaharajpurUrbasi High School, Boita At-BoitaSri Sarat Chandra Pani S/o-Late Shiva Prasad At-Boita PO-Boita Via-Khantapara Dist-Balasore06782-211452 Sarapanch- 9437087671 97779842212000
BalasoreSadarJAYDEBKASABAManinageswar UGME School BardhanpurSri Biranci Narayan Panda, Secretary, CSMMC AT: Bardhanpur, PO: Bardhanpur, Via-Rasalpur Block: Balasore Sadar DIST.: Balasore956782-238655(Res) Mob: 9437264947 Sarapanch-94373357683000
BalasoreSadarRanasahiUnion High School, At-RanasahiSri Ramakanta Nayak S/o-Late Pranakrushna Nayak At-Ranasahi PO-Ranasahi Via-Sunhat Dist-Balasore9437267691 (Member) 06782-250219 Sarapanch- 9338851751 Headmaster- 06782-2522472000
BhadrakBasudevpurBalimundaBadahabelisahi U.P. School At -BadahabelisahiSri Sachidananda Pal, S/o-Late Bama Charan, At-Badahabelisahi, PO-Sanahabelisahi, Via-Naikanidihi, District-Bhadrak99378953662000
BhadrakBasudevpurBideipurSunamuhin Primary School, Bideipurpal, At- SunamuhinSri Harekrushna Majhi, S/o-Bimal Kumar, At-Sunamuhin, PO-Bideipurpal, Via-Naikanidihi Dist-Bhadrak9937460045 Sarpanch - 99374163632000
BhadrakBasudevpurEramDaitariprasad M.E. School, Badheipada, At-KumbhargadiaSri Sisir Kumar Panda S/o-Kamallochan At-Krushnanagar Patna PO-Eram Via-Eram Dist-Bhadrak9937938112 94385509642000
BhadrakBasudevpurGovindpurProject UGME School, At-BrajanandapurSri Ananta Kumar Jena, S/o-Late Indramani At-Brajanandapur, PO-Govindpur Via-Naikanidihi, Dist-Bhadrak9178327656-Secy 9777136319 067843224512000
BhadrakBasudevpurGovindpurUGME School, At-GovindpurSri Basanta Kumar Mishra, S/o-Bhagabat At-Govindpur, PO-Govindpur Via-Naikandihi Dist-Bhadrak99387130202000
BhadrakBasudevpurJagannathprasadM.E School At:PatnamishrapurGajendra Barik, Secy. CSMMC S/o Bhikari AT/PO:Patnamishrapur Via: Tihid,i BLOCK:Basudevpur, DIST.:BhadrakMo: 9938054022/ 9937333346 / 9937057167 (Secy)3000
BhadrakBasudevpurKumarpurUGUP School, At-KumarpurUmakant Sahoo S/o-Nanda Sahoo At-Kumarpur, PO-Kumarpur Via-Anantapur Dist-Bhadrak9937986698 Sarapanch- 9338154116 Headmaster- 97783621542000
BhadrakBasudevpurRajgharpokhariProject Primary School, At-BadamachhuaghaiSri Ananta Mohanty S/o-Late Bhagaban At-Badamachhuaghai PO-Rajgharpokhari, Via-Birahata Bazar Dist-Bhadrak9937472501 Headmaster- 99372801562000
BhadrakBasudevpurRajgharpokhariU.P. School, At-LaxmiprasadRajesh Kumar Mohanty S/o-Sridhar Mohanty At-Laxmiprasad PO-Rajgharpokhari Via-Pirahatbazar, Dist-Bhadrak9937641169 Headmaster- 99385104092000
BhadrakChandabaliBansadaGangadharpurSri Harihar Nayak S/o-Jatana Nayak At-Gangadharpur P.O-Saraswati Via-Dhmara Dist-Bhadrak9938450908 9437174335 9937416875,sarapanch2000
BhadrakChandabaliDosingaOramalSri Basudev jana S/o-Balilal At-Oramala P.O-Dosinga Via-Dhmara Dist-Bhadrak9437531348, secy 9937143828,membera2000
BhadrakChandabaliJagulaDihanarsinghpurSri Sankarsan Jena S/o-Pranakrushna At-Dihanarsinghpur P.O-Narsinghpurhat Via-Dhamara Dist-Bhadrak96581761952000
BhadrakBasudevpurBarapurSankharu, Primary School, BarapurSubash Chandra Sahoo S/o-Late Bhamar At-Sankharu PO-Barapur Via-Anantapur Dist-Bhadrak9437754263 Sarpanch 9777948955 Headmaster 93376215772000
BhadrakBasudevpurJagannathpurGovt. High School At: Bachhada Via:AvantapurGajendra Prasad Singh, Secy CSMMC S/o Hadibandhu Singha At: Bachhada Po: Jagannathpur Bachhada Block: Basudevpur,Dist: Bhadrak956788-2843983000
BhadrakBasudevpurNuagonHarijan Primary School At: NuagaonSri Amarendra Panda, Secy CSMMC S/o Arayan At/Po: Nuagaon,Via-Iram, Block:Basudevpur Dist: BhadrakTel: 956788-2958513000
BhadrakChandabaliDosingaonUGME School At: DosingaonSri Ashok Kumar Jena, Secy CSMMC S/o Ananta Kumar Jena At: Bidyutprava, Po: Dosinga, Block: Chandabali, Dist:BhadrakPh: 956786-222520 (Secy) / 9437148383 956786-2833342 (Headmaster) 956786-283083(School President) / 9437148383 (Secy) / 94372977824 (G.P. Secy)3000
BhadrakChandabaliKaranjamalaUGME School KaranjamalaSri Gangadhar Bindhani, Secy CSMMC S/o Bhimasen At/Po: Karanjamala, Via: Naikanidihi Block: Chandabali Dist: BhadrakTel: 9938757747 9437005507 (Headmaster)3000
BhadrakChandabaliKaranapalliVijaypatna, UP School At:VijaypatnaSri Badal Khilar (Secy CSMMC) S/o Amulya At: Vijaypatna,Po: Karanjpali Block: Chandabali, Dist:BhadrakTel:9938070134 Sarpanch-94372-96704 Sarpanch(M)_99370976953000
BhadrakBasudevpurK.K.PurPrimary School At: K.K.PurBijay Kumar Rout, Secy CSMMC S/o Sonolata At/Po: K.K.Pur, Block:Basudevpur Dist: BhadrakTel: 06784-287177 M-99378186953000
BhadrakBasudevpurSanakrushnapurChandimal High School At.:SanakrushnapurAchyuta Nanda Rout,Secy. CSMMC AT:Sanakrushnapur,PO:Sanakrushnapur VIA:Basudevpur,DIST.:BhadrakTel:956784-287177 M-93377904103000
BhadrakChandabaliJagulaNear Primary School (Govt Land) At:JagulaPramod Kumar Nayak,Secy. CSMMC AT:Jagula,PO:Jagula Via: Dhamra BLOCK:Chandballi,DIST.:BhadrakTel:06786-222682 Mo: 9937085466 9437531326 (Near)3000
BhadrakChandabaliKaithkolaKaithakola Eastcoast Primary School, At:KrushnaprasadAsutosh Das,Secy. CSMMC S/o - Sudhir AT:Krushnaprasad, PO:Kaithkola Via - Dhamra BLOCK:Chandballi, DIST.:BhadrakTel:956786-283369 (Secy) 9937496425 (Secy) 9437297978 (Sarpanch) / 94372-98044 (Ex-Sarpanch) 9437297970 (GP Secy)3000
BhadrakBasudevpurBirasBiras Primary School At:BirasNiranjan Dash,Secy. CSMMC AT:Birash,PO:Birash Block:Basudevupur, DIST.:BhadrakM-9937390557 /9238717841(Near) Tel:956784-287013 / 277047 / High School - 956784-277017(HM Res)3000
BhadrakBasudevpurChudamaniK.C.High School Chudamanighat At:ChudamaniKishore Ch. Nayak,Secy. CSMMC S/o Kalandi AT:Chudamani,PO:Chudamani Block:Basudevpur,DIST.:Bhadrak956784-271178 (Res)/ 9937223298 956784-278178 (HM)3000
BhadrakBasudevpurPadhuanM.E School At:PadhuanSarat Kumar Kar,Secy. CSMMC AT:Padhuan,PO:Padhuan BLOCK:Basudevpur,DIST.:BhadrakTel:956784-2781225 / 278358 /3940333000
BhadrakBasudevpurRagharpokhariK.C.M.E School At:RajgharpokhariPanchanan Mohanty,Secy. CSMMC S/o Benudhar AT:Rajgharpokhari,PO:Rajgharpokhari Via: Pirahatbazar BLOCK:Bhadrak,DIST.:BhadrakTel.:956784-287033 (Asst. Teacher) 956784-287238 (Sarpanch) M-99382314543000
BhadrakBasudevpurSudarshanpurJaganthi UP School JaganathiPrafulla Kumar Agasti,Secy. CSMMC S/o -Dibakar AT:Jaganathi, PO:Suan, Via-Iram BLOCK:Basudevpur DIST.:Bhadrak956784-278160 / 94377548113000
BhadrakBasudevpurAndolaNear Pry School (Gajalaxmipadia) At:JuragadiaBalaram Dash,Secy. CSMMC S/o Baidhar AT:Andola,PO:Nayakanidihi BLOCK:Basudevpur, DIST.:Bhadrak Via: GhanteswarTel:956784-277057 / M-99374601213000
BhadrakBasudevpurLaxmidaspurPry School At:LaxmidaspurBharat Ch. Puhan,Secy. CSMMC S/o Upendra AT:Laxmidaspur,PO:Motipoka BLOCK:Basudevpur,DIST.:BhadrakTel:956784-297161 M: 99372103043000
GanjamGanjamRamagarhNear Primary School At: SipakudaSri Dharanidhar Nayak,Secy. CSMMC AT:Sipakuda,PO:palluru Via : HummaBlock:Ganjam,DIST.:Ganjam 956811-221369/221135 9937186920 (contact)3000
GanjamGanjamRamagarhPrimary School At:ArunapurSri Surendra Ku. Pallai,Secy. CSMMC AT:Arunapur,PO:Palluru Via: Humma BLOCK:Ganjam, DIST.:Ganjam956811-221106 / 221101 M: 99371809073000
GanjamGanjamRamagarhPrimary School At:PrayagiSri Satya Ranjan Gouda, Secy. CSMMC AT:Prayagi, PO:Palluru VIA:Huma, DIST.:GanjamTel:956811-221278 Mo: 9937071587 / 9937545574 (Secy)3000
GanjamGanjamPalibandhaPrimary School Front At:BinchanapalliSri Parameswar Rao,Secy. CSMMC At:Binchanapalli,Po:Ganjam Via/Block:Ganjam,Dist:GanjamTel: 956811- 254155 /254844(Res) Mo: 9238713648 / 937778511583000
GanjamGanjamPalibandhaUP School At: PurunabandhaSri Surendranath Behera,Secy. CSMMC At: Purunabandha,Po:Pallibandha Via/Block: Ganjam,Dist: Ganjam956811-254447 Mo: 98619160273000
GanjamGanjamPalibandhaUP School At: KantiagadaSri Narasingha Swain,Secy: CSMMC At:Kantiagada,Po:Huma Via: Humma, Block/Dist: GanjamMo: 9937959661 (Contact)3000
GanjamChatrapurKanamanaUP School Premises At: KanamanaSri Duryodhan Behera,Secy. CSMMC S/o-Maguni Behera At-Kanamana,Po:Kanamana Block:Chatrapur,Dist:Ganjam956811-257552 M- 99375286063000
GanjamChatrapurKanamanaUP School At: MatikholaSri Ramesh Ch.Sahoo, Secy. CSMMC S/o- Dibakar Sahoo At: Matikhola,Po: Matikhola Via: Chhatrapur,Dist: Ganjam956811-257292 M: 98612454073000
GanjamChatrapurAryapalliNear Primary School At: Bada-ArjyapalliG. Kamya Raju, Secy. CSMMC At:Bada-Arjyapalli, PO:Bada-Arjyapalli Via/Block:Chhatrapur, Dist:Ganjam956811-257807 / 262179 9778097947 (Ex- Secy) / M: 9861209832 (Near) / M: 9437069286 (Sarpanch) / 9861722399 (Secy)3000
GanjamChatrapurKahaliapaliGovt. Primary School At: UplapatiSri Prafulla Ku. Sahoo, Secy. CSMMC S/o - Naran At: Uplapati,PO:Uplapati Via: Gopalpur Block:Chhatrapur,Dist: Ganjam95680-2242107 M: 9777095469 / 9338001331 / 91785817743000
GanjamChatrapurKahaliapaliCommunity Land Near Primary School At: HaripurSri Santosh Ku.Behera,Secy. CSMMC At: HaripurPO: Gopalpur(Ansi) Via: Gopalpur Block: Chatrapur,Dist: GanjamM: 99375404923000
GanjamChikitiKotaruUP School At:Chandan bedK.Dasrath Reddy,Secy CSMMC S/O- K.Simadri At -S.Chandanbada, Po-Kotture Via-Girisola ,Block-Chikit ,GanjamPh-0680-2350314 9178885072 (Secy) / 9938633127 (son)3000
GanjamRangilundaIndrakhiGovt. land At-TuluG.Damburu Reddy Secy CSMMC S/o - G.Pallaya At/: Reddy Tulu (Tulu) Po: Indrakhi, Via: Golantara Block Rangilunda, Dist: GanjamMobail - 9938527695/ 2248929(Res) Ph: 0680-2248759 ( Dandapani Babu) 9437186427(Dandapani Babu) / 99375601023000
GanjamChhatrapurAgastinuaganME School Front At:AgastinuaganSri Bhimasen Palia, Secy, CSMMC S/o-Narayan At/Po-Agastinuagaon, Via - Chhatrapur, Block:Chhatrapur, Dist-GanjamTel: 956811-254516 /254525 M - 9937521890 / 94376188943000
GanjamChhatrapurAgastinuaganNear UP School At-NolianuagaonANG.Dandapani, Secy CSMMC S/o ANG.Sinati At: Nolianuagaon, Po:Agastinuagaon Block: Chhatrapur, Via:Chatrapur Dist-GanjamMobile-9937211419 9778545768 (Secy)3000
JagatsinghpurKujangaMangarajpurHigh School At: MangarajpurBabaji Charan Khatua Headmaster cum Secy CSMMC Panchayat High School At/Po: Mangarajpur,Via-Kujanga Block Kujanga Dist: JagatsinghpurTel: 956722-236656 Mobile-99371-78949 / 9237026435 / 9238739494 (Sarpanch)3000
JagatsinghpurKujangaFatepurPrimary School At: FatepurSri Niranjan Pradhan, Secy CSMMC S/o Nityananda At: Fatepur,Via-Kujanga Po: Gopikuda Block: Kujanga, Dist: JagatsinghpurM-9861203993 / 97777901233000
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Initial reports of death of Arun Das while fasting at Kargil Chowk, Patna in support of Anna Hazare's demand for Jan Lokpal bill.

There has been no formal notice of his death at all, and the report on the IAC update has vanished without any formal notice of why. It is sad that no one from thought to offer clarifications even though the IAC page on Facebook and @Janlokpal on Twitter both announced the death.

Update: It seems an Arun Das did indeed die. I asked around why his death had not made news, and no one seems to know anything. The photos shared originally on Picassa, I am copying here, to ensure that they remain.


Attached here with the photogrphs of Sri Arun Das of Kamira village,District Boudh,Odisha,while on fast in near by Janapanka village since last two days supprting Anna ji's movement expired on way to Burla Medical on dt.24/08/2011 at 8.30 am.May the departed soul rest in peace.Sri Arun Das can be seen in first photograph standing second from left,Indication(towel on right side soulder) Original Link

He was a follower of Baba Ramdev, and it was Ramdev who made the announcement of his death. Also, Baba Ramdev's organization made an announcement.

I think the question here really is that why is this death not news, why was it announced by Baba Ramdev, then IAC on Facebook and Twitter and then silence? Why is there no confirmation or debunking by media? What really happened?


It has been brought to my notice that what I have done is irresponsible reporting, though I was attempting to collect the various rumors that I could confirm. Please note that while this news has been announced by Baba Ramdev on the stage, this information is unverified until he is declared dead by a doctor. [Thank you Smita Prakash] Apologies. Not pulling this post in order to avoid further confusion.

I heards rumors that someone called Arun Das died an hour or two ago at Patna while fasting along with three others in support of Anna Hazare's demand for Jan Lokpal. [earlier story was correct. Patna, not Ramlila]

From what I know, Arun Das was from Darbhanga, Bihar, fasting in support of Anna Hazare's demand for Jan Lokpal at Ramlila Maidan Kargil Chowk, Patna for the Jan Lokpal bill along with his wife Asha Lata. He had also participated in the JP movement. Concern was first raised about his health this morning after his BP was found to be abnormally high. He died a few hours later. Details are still unclear.

The news was announced from the stage by Baba Ramdev at Ramlila Maidan, Has been updated to the IAC page and there are SMSs and tweets from various sources in Patna (of death) and Delhi (of announcement), but there is nothing in news media so far. To avoid confusion, I am collecting what I know here, till more reliable news can be found.


Please note that some people are confusing this incident with that of the youth Dinesh Yadav who tried to immolate himself yesterday at Kisan Ghat. He suffered 80% burns and is battling for life at LNJP, but alive as far as we know. Dinesh Yadav was from Patna. Different people.

Avoid spreading misinformation.

Here are the initial tweets with the news. Will update this post with more confirmed news as I come to know.

arun (tarun?) das, who had started his fast along with and in support of Anna dies, after BP rises abnormally.
August 24, 2011
@sachinbahad arun das death was announced from stage.
August 24, 2011
I hear someone called arun das was fasting along with anna and died one or two hours ago.
August 24, 2011
Don't know the source of information, nothing in media, but the person fasting with Anna who died was called Arun Das, died 1-2 hrs ago.
August 24, 2011
Also, Dinesh Yadav news is 1-2 days ago. Arun das died 1-2 hours back. Dinesh Yadav didn't die as far as I know. Different people.
August 24, 2011
@reBel1857 @vidyut @saggirex yes Mr. Arun das from bihar died an hour back.
August 24, 2011