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Today the National Federation of Indian Women and the Right to Food Campaign held a protest outside the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Shastri Bhawan to protest against the move of the Central Government to make Aadhaar mandatory for Mid Day Meal Scheme. People from more than ten states including UP, West Bengal, Odisha, Rajasthan, Chhatisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar and Delhi participated in the protest. A memorandum was handed over to the Minister regarding the issue. The notification is in complete violation of the orders of the Supreme Court which have time and again stressed that Aadhaar cannot be made mandatory for receiving entitlements or benefits. This move of the Central government will put millions of children across India at risk of starvation as the MDM is often the only complete meal that children have access to and is essential for their survival and welfare.

We strongly opposes the central government's move to make Aadhaar compulsory for children under the midday meal scheme in government schools. This is nothing but an attempt to coerce people to enrol their children under Aadhaar.

School meals are an important entitlement of Indian children, legally enforceable under Supreme Court orders as well as under the National Food Security Act. Numerous studies show that India's midday meal scheme has made an important contribution to higher school attendance, better child nutrition and more effective learning. Midday meals also help to break the barriers of class and caste by imparting to children of diverse backgrounds a habit of sharing meals.

No conditionalities can be imposed on this critical entitlement of Indian children. Making Aadhaaar compulsory for the midday meal would serve no purpose, and is bound to disrupt instead of helping this important programme. Further, this move is a violation of Supreme Court orders.

[bctt tweet="Thop Diya Sab Pe #Aadhaar Chheenein Bachon Se Aahaar Protest against mandatory Aadhaar for Mid-day meals" username="_AamJanata"]

In a series of orders, the Supreme Court has made it clear that Aadhaar cannot be made compulsory for any services to which people are otherwise entitled. It has also made it clear that the Aadhaar Act does not supersede these orders, until such time as the Court settles the issue of compatibility of Aadhaar with the right to privacy.

During the last few years, Aadhaar has been made compulsory for a growing list of welfare schemes, under the garb of making them more effective. In fact, this imposition has led to serious disruptions, such as elderly people without Aadhaar being bumped off pension lists, NREGA workers being denied their wages due to Aadhaar seeding errors and PDS cardholders being deprived of their food rations because of technical glitches with Aadhaar-based biometric authentication. The government has paid no attention to the mounting evidence of these disruptive effects. Reason: the real purpose of this drive is to put pressure on people to enrol with Aadhaar. The need of the hour is to stop this rampage, not to extend it further, least of all to programmes like midday meals that are critical for the wellbeing of Indian children.

The NFIW and the right to food campaign demands immediate withdrawal of the illegal notification seeking to make Aadhaar compulsory for midday meals. It also calls on state governments to desist from implementing this illegal notification.

Report of a protest by National Federation of Indian Women and Right to Food campaign.

Rethink Aadhaar Campaign

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1 October, 2016, Cuttack: Before doing business with a judge's brother, think twice. In the year 2000, Ravenshaw, a 150-year-old college, signed an MOU to start professional courses in "public private partnership" with Star Computer Institute Pvt. Ltd., belonging to BJP politician Biswajit Mohanty, son of Barrister Ranjit Mohanty, and brother of Orissa High Court's second-seniormost judge Indrajit Mahanty. In 2011, this MOU was renewed for a further three years. Upon the MOU's expiry in 2014, Ravenshaw (which was now no longer just a college but a full-fledged university) decided not to renew their MOU with Star. In the process, Ravenshaw incurred the enmity of Biswajit Mohanty's elder brother, who proceeded to give them a taste of pure hell!
Ravenshaw is a grand old institution with 8000 students and 90 faculty members, and a sanctioned strength of 153 faculty. It became a University through an enactment in 2005, and was bound by UGC's guidelines, which said, "No university whether central/state/private can offer its programme through franchise agreement even for the purpose of conducting course through distant mode." But, given the money and prestige involved, businessman Biswajit Mohanty was in no mood to leave the campus peacefully. So the matter went into arbitration, and also, in November 2014, an FIR was registered against Biswajit Mohanty because he allegedly "entered the University campus with five other persons and misbehaved with staff and students of the ITM department using the most filthy language". The police complaint said that Biswajit Mohanty threatened them, saying, "If you don't refrain yourself coming to the ITM department, I would assault you by entering into your home".
And then, in March 2015, came the judgment of the district judge to the arbitration petition filed by Star Computer Institute while the arbitrator's final order was still awaited. The judgment upheld Ravenshaw's right to terminate the MOU. The FIR and this adverse judgment against Biswajit Mohanty provoked his big brother Indrajit Mahanty, who took all the high court cases concerning Ravenshaw into his hand.
Until then, Ravenshaw's cases were heard by single benches such as Justice S.C. ParijaJustice Biswanath Rath, and Justice Sanju Panda, and many orders and judgments were favourable to Ravenshaw. Multiple writ petitions filed in 2015 against a recruitment advertisement issued by Ravenshaw, were initially posted in the single judge benches of Justice B.N Rath, Justice Dr. B.R Sarangi and Justice Dr. A K Rath, and later, all recruitment matters were brought to the court of Justice B.R Sarangi, where they remained stayed for 7 months. Then, on 9th December 2015, a division bench of Justice D P Choudhury and Indrajit Mahanty overturned the earlier judgmentsfrom 2014, quashed the recruitment, and slammed Ravenshaw on almost every count. This bench -- dominated by Justice I Mahanty who is almost a decade senior to Justice Choudhury (currently the junior most judge in Orissa High Court) – went on to initiate two suomotu civil contempt proceedings. Between March and May 2016, Justice Indrajit Mahanty passed eight orders on various cases that showed Ravenshaw who was boss!
The orders and judgments mentioned in this article (including FIR and District Judge's arbitration order) can be downloaded fromhttp://tinyurl.com/Ravenshaw-cases
Questions arise about our judiciary's integrity:
  1. Was Orissa's Chief Justice Vineet Saran ignorant about Justice Indrajit Mahanty's special interest in Ravenshaw University? Or did he consciously allow Justice I Mahanty to use the court system to settle scores?
  2. Unknown to India's common man, is our judiciary generally functioning in this way? Do many of our judges have an axe to grind? Is it normal for some judges to say to each other, "I want to teach that party a lesson, so transfer that case to me"? Do they quietly manipulate and attract some cases to their own court?
The main issue is not whether Justice Indrajit Mahanty is a good guy or a bad guy. It's also not whether his judgments and orders in Ravenshaw matters are judicially correct or otherwise. The key issue is, why did Orissa High Court allow Justice Indrajit Mahanty to give judgments on Ravenshaw, where he had a vested interest?
What happened afterwards: After activist Chittaranjan Mohanty, on behalf of the 8000 students of Ravenshaw, petitioned the Chief Justice of India and Chief Justice of Orissa High Court in July 2016, all Ravenshaw-related matters were taken away from Justice Mahanty.The division bench matters were assigned to a bench headed by Justice S.C. Parija and the single bench matters were assigned to Justice Debabrata Dash who hears all service matters. A PIL is about to be filed for review of the judgment and orders of the Division Bench headed by Justice I.Mahanty in Ravenshaw recruitment matter.
Krishnaraj Rao
98215 88114
Sulaiman Bhimani
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Judge Indrajit Mahanty's incestuous ties with Trade Unionist Biswajit Mohanty


7 April 2015, India: OK, here’s a question: Can you and I make a profit of about Rs 90 lakh by selling a plot of government land before it is transferred to us? Can we sell it to a known crook and swindler at the height of his career? Answer: If we are common people, then no. But if we are high court judges, then yes, we can not only do it, but we can also be elevated to the position of a Chief Justice! Come, let us learn from Justice Laxmi Kanta Mohapatra, Chief Justice Of Manipur, how it is done.

Like all our High Court and Supreme Court judges, Justice Laxmi Kanta Mohapatra (http://hcmimphal.nic.in/judges.html) is immune to the laws of the land. When he was a High Court judge in Odisha, Mr. Mohapatra accepted a bribe of about Rs 90 lakh through a shady land deal with a chit-fund fraudster named Pradeep Sethy (http://tinyurl.com/pradeep-sethy), whose Artha Tatwa Chit Fund scam in Odisha was estimated by Supreme Court to be Rs 4,600 crore – roughly twice the size of the infamous Saradha scam in West Bengal. (Others put it at Rs 20,000 crore.) In this unusual sale of land, the Cuttack Development Authority actively cooperated with Justice Mohapatra. In connection with this same land transaction, Advocate General Ashok Mohanty was arrested last year (http://tinyurl.com/AG-ashok-Mohanty), but Laxmi Kanta Mohapatra -- then the Acting Chief Justice of Manipur High Court -- went on to be elevated to Chief Justice on 10th July 2014, well after the scandal became well-known in the public domain and the media! Isey kehte hain Independence Of Judiciary!

One however wonders about the dynamics of how this particular elevation happened. Did somebody bribe the members of the Supreme Court collegium on behalf of the hon’ble Mr Mohapatra? Or did one of the collegium judges highly recommend Mr Mohapatra as, relatively speaking, the cleanest judge available for the position of CJ of Manipur? Did this brother judge convincingly argue that a little bit of shady dealings, stamp duty evasion and money-laundering should be considered acceptable among the brotherhood of judges? Or was it the collegium’s considered decision that, since Justice Mohapatra was only exploiting well-known legal loopholes in Odisha's Stamp Act and other laws, it was legally acceptable?

(For the record, the government of Odisha was in the habit of making such discretionary land allocations to high court judges and others. This facility was widely known and exploited for years by VVIPs. (Read http://tinyurl.com/Odisha-land-allotments. After this scandal, in December 2014, the government seems to have decided to mend its ways (http://tinyurl.com/Odisha-cancels-allotments). RTI Activist Jayanta Kumar Das, in his Letter Petition (http://tinyurl.com/Jayanta-Das-Letter2CJI) to Chief Justice of India on 18th March 2015, presented a blow-by-blow account of Justice Laxmi Kanta Mohapatra's wrongdoings, with supporting evidence, and is awaiting some action. Tall hopes? Maybe. Wait and watch.


  1. On 11.10.2006, in his capacity of a judge of Odisha High Court, Laxmikanta Mohapatra applied for a government plot in Markata Nagar to Cuttack Development Authority (CDA). Within seven months, CDA allotted a 4000 square foot plot in Sector-11 in Bidanasi project area, Cuttack) and instructed him to pay Rs 9.8 lakhs. Having an ancestral property in Cuttack district (Stoney Road, Post- Candinichowk, P.S- Lal Bag, Dist – Cuttack), Mr Mohapatra was actually not eligible to get a government plot from CDA. So, his letter was evasively worded, stating that neither he nor his family owned land at Markata Nagar. After taking possession in July 2007, lthough the allotted plot was not yet transferred in his name, Laxmikanta Mohapatra proceeded to build a double storied building on the allotted plot. Read documents: http://tinyurl.com/Judge-gets-land
  2. within four years of the allotment of government land to him, Justice Laxmikanta Mohapatra transferred the possession of this plot for a consideration of Rs one crore. The land was "sold" by means of a simple affidavit on ten-rupees stamp paper to Pradeep Kumar Sethy, the chit-fund baron. The mode of payment was not mentioned (Cheque? Cash? Any other means? Who knows?) The affidavit said, “I have taken over the possession of the plot on 23.7.2007 and lease deed has not been executed in my fabour (sic!) till date. The plot is double storied building is existing on the plot”. As Justice Laxmi Kanta Mohapatra was not the owner of this plot, he had no right to execute and register a sale deed or to transfers this plot in favour of any party. Indeed, no law in India or in Odisha empowers anybody to transfer or sell a property to any party by means of a mere affidavit… but that is precisely what this learned judge did! Read http://tinyurl.com/Sethy-buys-from-Judge

By means of this unlawful transaction, Justice Laxmikanta Mohapatra enabled chit fund operator Pradeep Kumar Sethy to do him an undue favour of about Rs 90 lakh. Simultaneously, the honourable judge broke the law to avoid paying at least Rs 5 lakhs stamp duty and registration. And last but not least, this person who is now Chief Justice of Manipur committed offences of money-laundering by accepting and creating black money from the chit fund operator – possibly in order to provide him some undue favours.

Cuttack Development Authority aided and abetted this unlawful transaction. It transferred this plot in the name of Sri Pradeep Kumar Sethy vide its Letter No.8098/CDA/Dated 23.4.2011 based on Justice Laxmikanta Mohapatra’s affidavit and a request letter written by Pradeep Sethy.

  1. Meanwhile, lakhs of people in Odisha started raising their voice against Artha Tatwa Chit Fund Company, its Chief Managing Director Pradeep Sethy and other directors for the nonpayment of their matured fixed deposits in different branch offices of the company. Anticipating his arrest, Pradeep Sethy approached the Advocate General of Orissa High Court Sri Ashok Mohanty for an undue favour, and a deal was struck.

Barely one and a half years after the land was transferred in his name, Pradeep Sethy made another affidavit dated 03.10.2012 transferring the land plot for a consideration of Rs 1,00,01,000/- (Rupees One Crore and One Thousand) only. Again, the mode of payment was not mentioned (Cheque? Cash?). This affidavit suggests, as CBI mentions in its chargesheet, that Advocate General Ashok entered into this transaction as a consideration for giving undue favours in Orissa high Court. Read http://tinyurl.com/Sethy-sells-to-AG

  1. A case was registered against Pradeep Sethyand his staff by Balasore Town Police for cheating innocent investors (Balasore Town P.S. Case No. 352 of 2012 dated 06.10.2012, U/S 420/506/34 I.P.C etc). Pradeep Sethy applied for anticipatory bail before Odisha High Court, on 09.10.2012 (Annexure- 21). Thanks to Advocate General Ashok Mohanty, this anticipatory bail was allowed. Pradeep Sethy and all his associates were released on anticipatory bail without production of the case diary on 18.10.2012.
  2. Soon afterwards, Cuttack Development Authority took steps to ensure that the bribe paid to Ashok Mohanty reached him, i.e. the transfer of the land to Ashok Mohanty, who was possibly anxious that the land plot may be seized by the authorities, along with other assets belonging to Sethy. So, by a form-letter dated 8th February 2013, it summoned Sethy to appear in person on the same day between 2 and 4 pm with necessary documents for signature verification and verification of his identity. It is not know by what mode this letter was delivered, and so one may presume that an urgent hand-delivery was made, possibly by the Advocate General himself! Read http://tinyurl.com/CDA-writes-to-Sethy
  3. In its preliminary charge sheet in the Artha Tatwa Chit Fund Scam Case, CBI states that the consideration of Rs one crore to Justice Laxmi Kanta Mohapatra came out of misappropriated funds from the Artha Tatwa company accounts. It says, "As per records, accused P.K. Sethy had purchased said building from Justice L.K. Mohapatra for consideration of Rs. 1,00,00,000/- during April, 2011 out of the money flown from the accounts of AT Group and later, transferred the said plot to Asok Mohanty." You may read the relevant paragraphs of the CBI chargesheet here: http://tinyurl.com/CBI-chargesheet-Artha-Tatwa
  4. The CBI chargesheet says: "Investigation disclosed that accused Asok Mohanty was the Advocate General of Odisha during the period from June, 2009 to September, 2014. He had purchased a building located at plot No. 11-3B/1332, Category-B, measuring 4000 sqft in sector -11, Bidanashi, Cuttack from the accused Pradeep Kumar Sethy. As per records, accused P.K. Sethy had purchased said building from Justice L.K. Mohapatra for consideration of Rs. 1,00,00,000/- during April, 2011 out of the money flown from the accounts of AT Group and later, transferred the said plot to Asok Mohanty. Though the sale transaction was shown to be of Rs 1,01,00,000/- but in fact an amount of Rs. 70,00,000/- only has been paid by accused Asok Mohanty to accused P.K. Sethy. During the course of investigation two money receipts were seized from the official premises of accused Asok Mohanty indicating the payment of Rs. 1,01,00,000/- towards consideration. The said money receipts bear forged signatures of accused Pradeep Kumar Sethy. During the relevant period of time i.e. during October, 2012, when the above transaction took place, agitations were going on in Odisha against the accused Pradeep Kumar Sethy and against AT Group by the depositors which is evident by registration of the 1st FIR against the AT Group on 06.10.2013 following which the accused P.K.Sethy had moved an anticipatory bail petitions before the Hon'ble high Court on 09.10.2012 and during the relevant time the present accused AG entered into a criminal conspiracy with the said Pradeep Kumar Sethy and in furtherance thereof extended his hospitality towards the accused P.K.Sethy as a result of which the anticipatory bail was granted to the accused P.K.Sethy on 18.09.2012. During the course of investigation, two separate agreements for sale of the said plots were recovered/seized from the possession of accused Asok Mohanty. In the said two agreements, the consideration agreed upon was Rs One Crore and One Lakh which is contrary to the consideration mentioned in the affidavit dt. 03.10.2012 submitted to the Cuttack Development Authority for transfer of ownership of the said property. It may be mentioned here that in the said affidavit dt. 03.10.2012, the consideration amount is mentioned as Rs. One Crore and One Thousand. Thus, it is clear that the accused Asok Mohanty misappropriated the remaining amount of Rs. 31 lakhs that he was supposed to pay to the accused Pradeep Kumar Sethy."
  5. Significantly, CBI was able to investigate the role of Advocate General Asok Mohanty... but do they have the authority or the mandate to investigate the role played by Justice LK Mohapatra? No. And therefore, one is left wondering whether Justice Mohapatra's role was as innocuous as the CBI chargesheet makes it out to be!

Final outcome:

  • Lakhs of citizens of Odisha – swindled. Money not yet recovered
  • Chit fund swindler Pradeep Sethy – arrested & chargesheeted by CBI.
  • Advocate General Asok Mohanty – ditto… and he lost his job.
  • Odisha High Court Judge Laxmi Kanta Mohapatra – got to keep Rs 90 lakhs that came from the savings of chit fund investors… and he was elevated to the position of Chief Justice of Manipur after the scandal.

Will somebody please rap the Supreme Court collegium on the knuckles for this decision, and impeach this honourable Chief Justice of Manipur? If this is not done, one worries that before his scheduled retirement on 10th June 2016 upon attaining the age of 62, the SC collegium (or Judicial Appointments Commission) may elevate him to the exalted status of a Supreme Court Judge, or even, who knows? Chief Justice of India? You can never tell.

Note: The updates are neither in ascending nor descending in order to put related ones together, so time sensitive ones have time mentioned in brackets.

Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik has declared that relief will be provided for 7 days to families in severely affected areas n 14 days relief 4 people in very severely affected villages.

Cargo ship MV Bingo, last sighted east of Sagar in West Bengal is missing. Feared sunk. Search now on for 20 crew members. Update: Missing crew has been located. No casualties.

"Chief Minister has reviewed the Phailin cyclone, not much damage in Andhra Pradesh, 1 casualty, horticulture belts damaged." ~ Anam Ramanarayana Reddy, AP FM

Electricity has been cut off in Ganjam, Gajapati, Khurda, Nayagarh, Puri, Cuttack, Kendrapara, Jagatsingh, Jajpur, Bhadrak, Balasore and Mayurbhanj. (7:30am)

"Electricity will be restored in BBSR, Cuttack, Puri by evening of today." ~ Energy secretary Pradip Jena

13 electricity towers damaged all over Odisha, including 9 in Ganjam district, where it will take 4-7 days (1:40pm)

Power has been restored in Rasulgarh, Jagmara, Aerodrome area in Bhubaneswar & in Cuttack Badambadi.

Massive destruction to kutch houses in Odisha, specially in Ganjam and Kheonjhar districts. Thousands left homeless.

Alert lifted for Andhra Pradesh (11am)

Surjeet Singh, Deputy Inspector General, NDRF said that efforts to clear roads jammed by fallen trees is on. They are also clearing the debris off damaged properties and check for any trapped people.

Morning after Cyclone Phailin dawns. Some damage to buildings and uprooted trees and electricity poles, but no loss of life reported so far other than those before cyclone hit land yesterday. (7:30am)

"No casualties reported so far due to cyclone Phailin." (8:00am) ~ National Disaster Response Force Chief Krishna Chowdhary. Also "More than 50 teams working in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh." (10:15am)

IAF to start air dropping of relief materials in affected areas after 11am. (as of 7:45am) Flights preparing to resume with some delays expected.

Drinking water being supplied door to door in Bhubaneswar.

"We are taking stock as to how fast we can restore tracks and restore passenger and goods traffic." ~ Anil Saxena,Spokesperson Railways

About 7000 passengers are stranded in Puri and top priority is to restore Puri-Howrah line, and help them reach Howrah. Update: Train services restored between Howrah and Puri. (4:30pm)

"3 Lakh Hectares agricultural damage. 80,53,000 people affected. 14,515 villages under cyclone impact." ~ Special relief Commissioner

Impact of Cyclone Phailin on Srikakulam

One person reported dead.

"Restoration of electricity, drinking water within 2 days in Srikakulam" ~ T Radha, Commissioner. Disaster Management

Impact of Cyclone Phailin on Ganjam district


Three deaths in Ganjam (NDTV) due to tree falling. Unclear if these are the same as yesterday or new ones being reported. Also, the numbers vary between 2 (The Hindu) and 5 (PTI) depending on publication. ZeeNews reported 7, which seems to be confirmed by Jay Panda's tweet.

Extensive damage to crops is being reported (NDTV).

Extensive damage to electrical grid, including damage to 9 electrical towers means it will take 4-7 days to restore electricity in Ganjam.

Impact of Cyclone Phailin on Berhampur district

Berhampur University Building collapsed last night soon after Cyclone hit. (Multiple sources)

Debris, trees down, electric infrastructure, some flooding have been reported. (NDTV)

Clearing felled trees has started already in some places. (local tweet)

Section of NH5 flooded (ANI)

Impact of Cyclone Phailin on Vizag

Wall collapsed at No.11 Jetty at Vizag harbour (also yesterday). (Local news)

Image: The Hindu
Image: The Hindu

Impact of Cyclone Phailin in Puri

Fishermen missing in Cyclone Phailin

18 fishermen reported stranded off Paradip coast - current status is unclear. Update: They have been found and rescued.

Cargo vessel MV Bingo from West Bengal is out of communications at sea. Last seen on the east of Sagar. Presumed sunk. Search on for missing crew members. Update: Missing crew has been located. No casualties.

This and other updates on Cyclone Phailin would not have been possible without the cooperation of a dedicated group of volunteers making information more accessible. Special thanks to @tw_bhav for doing a lot of the heavy lifting of sifting through information, @scorpiusmaximus for regular updates and detailed information as some familiar with the region and countless others.


Cyclone Phailin: Government hospitals, health centers, control rooms, shelters and relief resources that we are able to organize visually on a map to aid the rescue efforts after Cyclone Phailin.

This page is updated regularly. Keep checking.

Scroll down for yet unmapped list of shelters in Andhra Pradesh

[mapsmarker layer="8"]

I will slowly map these and remove from here, as I find missing addresses.

Barkas Hospital
Dental Hospital
24619012, 24601930
E.S.I. Erragadda
ENT, Koti
Gandhi Hospital, Secunderabad
27505566, Fax:27507711
Golconda Hospital .
Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital, Charminar
Homoepathy Hospital
Inst. of Tropical Diseases,Nallakunta
King Koti Hospital
Malakpet Hospital
Maternity Hospital, Nayapool
Maternity Hospital, Sulthan Bazar
Mental Hospital, Erragadda
Military Hospital,Secunderabad
MNJ Cancer Hospital,Red Hills
23397000, 23318422 Fax:23314063
Nampally Hospital
Niloufer Hospital, Red Hills
NIMS, Panjagutta
23489000, 23390933
Nizamia Genl. Hospital
Osmania Genl. Hospital
24600121, 24600140
Railway Hospital, Lalaguda
S.D. Eye Hospital,Mehdipatnam
23317274 Fax:23399611
SBBB. Maternity Hospital
State T.B. Centre, Erragadda
Superintendent Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital, Erragadda.
T.B & Chest Hospital, Erragadda
23814421 Fax: 23814425
Vanasthalipuram Homoepathy Hospital, Charminar

List of yet unmapped shelters in Andhra Pradesh

District NameBlock NameGP NameLocation/VillageCSMMC Secretary AddressContact No (GSMMC)Capacity
BalasoreBahanagaAvana (Arhuabad)S. P. High School At:BarajadeuliSri Nisikanta Biswal, Secretary, CSMMC AT: Barojdeuli, PO: Rupakhanda, Via-Avana Block: Bahanaga, DIST.: Balasore956788-255938/Mob-94378045303000
BalasoreBahanagaBaripadaNodal M.E School At-Moharudrapur(Kheranga)Sri Sumanta Dash, Secretary, CSMMC S/o- Shyamsundar AT:Maharudrapur, PO:Maharudrapur, Via-Gopalpur Block:Bahanaga, DIST.:Balasore06788-294093/Mob-9438551260,(Sarpanch)-94380471873000
BalasoreSoroGudBalabhadra High School, At-GudSri Chandrakanta Nayak S/o-Brundaban Nayak At-Gud PO-Gud Via-Anantapur Dist-Balasore9938262633 Headmaster- 99376060652000
BalasoreBaliapalBetagadiaNarayanpurpatna Primary SchoolSri Saktipada Giri, Secretart, CSMMC AT:Narayanpurpanta, PO:Narayanpur, Via-Pratapur Block:Baliapal, DIST. Balasore06781-214466/ Mob-9238806321, 99382702943000
BalasoreBaliapalJambhiraiAruadam Primary School At:JamharaiRamanatha Biswal, Secy. CSMMC AT:Jambharai, PO:Jambharai,Via-Langaleswar Block:Baliapal,DIST.:Balasore06781-25715 / 98618485473000
BalasoreBaliapalPanchupalliSaraswati Nodal U.P. (M.E) School At - KalasamuliSusant Kumar Mallik,Secy. CSMMC AT:Kalasimulli,PO:Jambharai,Via-Langaleswar Block:Baliapal,DIST.:Balasore06781-257151 / 94371289273000
BalasoreBhogaraiBajitpurUGME School At: SahabajpurBholanath Behera,Secy. CSMMC AT:Sahabajapur,PO:Bajidpur,Via-Chandeneswar BLOCK:Bhograi,DIST.:Balasore06781-232730/ 9437957960(STD),09732620313(Secy)2000
BalasoreBhogaraiHooglyUdayapur Govt.UGME School At:DakshinasorisaMrutyunjay Jena,Secy. CSMMC AT:Udayapur,PO:Bajitpur BLOCK:Bhograi,DIST.:BalasoreMobile-9437957960, Tel-06781-286063,231302(HM-Res,)06781-232448(Con. Sarpanch)2000
BalasoreBhogaraiHooglyNear Primary School At:KrushnagarHarekrushna Mandal,Secy. CSMMC AT:Krushna Nagar,PO:Chandaneswar BLOCK:Bhograi,DIST.:Balasore06781-286062(WLL)2000
BalasoreRemunaTalapadaTilotama ME School At:TalapadaSri Bidyadhar Mallik,Secy. CSMMC AT:Talapada, PO:Dwarika, Via-Gopalpur Block:Remuna, DIST.:Balasore06788-237663, Mobail-9338575159,98614561393000
BalasoreRemunaTundaraUGUP School At:TundaraSri Purusottam Barik,Secy. CSMMC C/o Chintamani Barik AT:Tundara, PO:Tundara Via:Rasalpur BLOCK:Remuna, DIST.:Balasore06782-238921/Mob- 93376608902000
BalasoreBaliapalNavadaNavada, K.C. Primary SchoolSri DamodarPanigrahi S/o-Gajendra At /po- Navada Via- Jagai Dist- Balasore99383781202000
BalasoreBhogaraiKantibhomiUP School At: BichitrapurHemanta Kumar Bhuyan, Secy CSMMC S/o Ananta Kumar At/Po: Bichitrapur, Via-Phulabani, Block:Bhogarai Dist: Balasore06781-231493/ 9938831354/ 9861502322/ 92382218063000
BalasoreBaliapalChoumukhaM.E. School Pochima At:Kankadapal (Choumukh)Ajaya kumar Jena Secretary, CSMMC S/o Sarat At/Po: Choumukh, Via-Pratappur (Pochima Kankadapal) Block: Baliapal Dist: BalasoreMob-9238911010,G.P. Secretary- 92370129273000
BalasoreRemunaInchudiPrimary School At: InchudiMr. Sarbeswar Das (Secy CSMMC) S/o Gobardhan At/Po: Inchudi,Via-Rasalpur, Block: Remuna Dist: Balasore06782-238038 Mobail- 94371600093000
BalasoreSadarParikhiME School At: TalabareiBinod Gopal Karan, Secy CSMMC S/o Madhusudan At: Talabarei, Po:Parikhi, Via: Chandipur, Block: Sadar Dist: BalasoreTel:06782-329690 Secretary-9853622092 / Sarapach: 9853153235 / Member: 9853099774/ 9853430571(Medicin Store)3000
BalasoreSadarKasafalUP School At: KasafalSri Nityananda Behera Secy CSMMC At/Po: Kasafal,Via-Langaleswar, Block: Sadar Dist: Balasore06781-281469(Village STD), 9861548453(Secy) , 9437004566(STD) ,Sarpanch-99381627963000
BalasoreBaliapalPratappurPrimary School,At-PratappurSri Dasarath Rout S/o:Late-Bimbadhar At/Po-Pratapur,Via-Pratappur,Dist-Balasore9238771953,06781-259018,99388676782000
BalasoreRemunaMaharajpurUrbasi High School, Boita At-BoitaSri Sarat Chandra Pani S/o-Late Shiva Prasad At-Boita PO-Boita Via-Khantapara Dist-Balasore06782-211452 Sarapanch- 9437087671 97779842212000
BalasoreSadarJAYDEBKASABAManinageswar UGME School BardhanpurSri Biranci Narayan Panda, Secretary, CSMMC AT: Bardhanpur, PO: Bardhanpur, Via-Rasalpur Block: Balasore Sadar DIST.: Balasore956782-238655(Res) Mob: 9437264947 Sarapanch-94373357683000
BalasoreSadarRanasahiUnion High School, At-RanasahiSri Ramakanta Nayak S/o-Late Pranakrushna Nayak At-Ranasahi PO-Ranasahi Via-Sunhat Dist-Balasore9437267691 (Member) 06782-250219 Sarapanch- 9338851751 Headmaster- 06782-2522472000
BhadrakBasudevpurBalimundaBadahabelisahi U.P. School At -BadahabelisahiSri Sachidananda Pal, S/o-Late Bama Charan, At-Badahabelisahi, PO-Sanahabelisahi, Via-Naikanidihi, District-Bhadrak99378953662000
BhadrakBasudevpurBideipurSunamuhin Primary School, Bideipurpal, At- SunamuhinSri Harekrushna Majhi, S/o-Bimal Kumar, At-Sunamuhin, PO-Bideipurpal, Via-Naikanidihi Dist-Bhadrak9937460045 Sarpanch - 99374163632000
BhadrakBasudevpurEramDaitariprasad M.E. School, Badheipada, At-KumbhargadiaSri Sisir Kumar Panda S/o-Kamallochan At-Krushnanagar Patna PO-Eram Via-Eram Dist-Bhadrak9937938112 94385509642000
BhadrakBasudevpurGovindpurProject UGME School, At-BrajanandapurSri Ananta Kumar Jena, S/o-Late Indramani At-Brajanandapur, PO-Govindpur Via-Naikanidihi, Dist-Bhadrak9178327656-Secy 9777136319 067843224512000
BhadrakBasudevpurGovindpurUGME School, At-GovindpurSri Basanta Kumar Mishra, S/o-Bhagabat At-Govindpur, PO-Govindpur Via-Naikandihi Dist-Bhadrak99387130202000
BhadrakBasudevpurJagannathprasadM.E School At:PatnamishrapurGajendra Barik, Secy. CSMMC S/o Bhikari AT/PO:Patnamishrapur Via: Tihid,i BLOCK:Basudevpur, DIST.:BhadrakMo: 9938054022/ 9937333346 / 9937057167 (Secy)3000
BhadrakBasudevpurKumarpurUGUP School, At-KumarpurUmakant Sahoo S/o-Nanda Sahoo At-Kumarpur, PO-Kumarpur Via-Anantapur Dist-Bhadrak9937986698 Sarapanch- 9338154116 Headmaster- 97783621542000
BhadrakBasudevpurRajgharpokhariProject Primary School, At-BadamachhuaghaiSri Ananta Mohanty S/o-Late Bhagaban At-Badamachhuaghai PO-Rajgharpokhari, Via-Birahata Bazar Dist-Bhadrak9937472501 Headmaster- 99372801562000
BhadrakBasudevpurRajgharpokhariU.P. School, At-LaxmiprasadRajesh Kumar Mohanty S/o-Sridhar Mohanty At-Laxmiprasad PO-Rajgharpokhari Via-Pirahatbazar, Dist-Bhadrak9937641169 Headmaster- 99385104092000
BhadrakChandabaliBansadaGangadharpurSri Harihar Nayak S/o-Jatana Nayak At-Gangadharpur P.O-Saraswati Via-Dhmara Dist-Bhadrak9938450908 9437174335 9937416875,sarapanch2000
BhadrakChandabaliDosingaOramalSri Basudev jana S/o-Balilal At-Oramala P.O-Dosinga Via-Dhmara Dist-Bhadrak9437531348, secy 9937143828,membera2000
BhadrakChandabaliJagulaDihanarsinghpurSri Sankarsan Jena S/o-Pranakrushna At-Dihanarsinghpur P.O-Narsinghpurhat Via-Dhamara Dist-Bhadrak96581761952000
BhadrakBasudevpurBarapurSankharu, Primary School, BarapurSubash Chandra Sahoo S/o-Late Bhamar At-Sankharu PO-Barapur Via-Anantapur Dist-Bhadrak9437754263 Sarpanch 9777948955 Headmaster 93376215772000
BhadrakBasudevpurJagannathpurGovt. High School At: Bachhada Via:AvantapurGajendra Prasad Singh, Secy CSMMC S/o Hadibandhu Singha At: Bachhada Po: Jagannathpur Bachhada Block: Basudevpur,Dist: Bhadrak956788-2843983000
BhadrakBasudevpurNuagonHarijan Primary School At: NuagaonSri Amarendra Panda, Secy CSMMC S/o Arayan At/Po: Nuagaon,Via-Iram, Block:Basudevpur Dist: BhadrakTel: 956788-2958513000
BhadrakChandabaliDosingaonUGME School At: DosingaonSri Ashok Kumar Jena, Secy CSMMC S/o Ananta Kumar Jena At: Bidyutprava, Po: Dosinga, Block: Chandabali, Dist:BhadrakPh: 956786-222520 (Secy) / 9437148383 956786-2833342 (Headmaster) 956786-283083(School President) / 9437148383 (Secy) / 94372977824 (G.P. Secy)3000
BhadrakChandabaliKaranjamalaUGME School KaranjamalaSri Gangadhar Bindhani, Secy CSMMC S/o Bhimasen At/Po: Karanjamala, Via: Naikanidihi Block: Chandabali Dist: BhadrakTel: 9938757747 9437005507 (Headmaster)3000
BhadrakChandabaliKaranapalliVijaypatna, UP School At:VijaypatnaSri Badal Khilar (Secy CSMMC) S/o Amulya At: Vijaypatna,Po: Karanjpali Block: Chandabali, Dist:BhadrakTel:9938070134 Sarpanch-94372-96704 Sarpanch(M)_99370976953000
BhadrakBasudevpurK.K.PurPrimary School At: K.K.PurBijay Kumar Rout, Secy CSMMC S/o Sonolata At/Po: K.K.Pur, Block:Basudevpur Dist: BhadrakTel: 06784-287177 M-99378186953000
BhadrakBasudevpurSanakrushnapurChandimal High School At.:SanakrushnapurAchyuta Nanda Rout,Secy. CSMMC AT:Sanakrushnapur,PO:Sanakrushnapur VIA:Basudevpur,DIST.:BhadrakTel:956784-287177 M-93377904103000
BhadrakChandabaliJagulaNear Primary School (Govt Land) At:JagulaPramod Kumar Nayak,Secy. CSMMC AT:Jagula,PO:Jagula Via: Dhamra BLOCK:Chandballi,DIST.:BhadrakTel:06786-222682 Mo: 9937085466 9437531326 (Near)3000
BhadrakChandabaliKaithkolaKaithakola Eastcoast Primary School, At:KrushnaprasadAsutosh Das,Secy. CSMMC S/o - Sudhir AT:Krushnaprasad, PO:Kaithkola Via - Dhamra BLOCK:Chandballi, DIST.:BhadrakTel:956786-283369 (Secy) 9937496425 (Secy) 9437297978 (Sarpanch) / 94372-98044 (Ex-Sarpanch) 9437297970 (GP Secy)3000
BhadrakBasudevpurBirasBiras Primary School At:BirasNiranjan Dash,Secy. CSMMC AT:Birash,PO:Birash Block:Basudevupur, DIST.:BhadrakM-9937390557 /9238717841(Near) Tel:956784-287013 / 277047 / High School - 956784-277017(HM Res)3000
BhadrakBasudevpurChudamaniK.C.High School Chudamanighat At:ChudamaniKishore Ch. Nayak,Secy. CSMMC S/o Kalandi AT:Chudamani,PO:Chudamani Block:Basudevpur,DIST.:Bhadrak956784-271178 (Res)/ 9937223298 956784-278178 (HM)3000
BhadrakBasudevpurPadhuanM.E School At:PadhuanSarat Kumar Kar,Secy. CSMMC AT:Padhuan,PO:Padhuan BLOCK:Basudevpur,DIST.:BhadrakTel:956784-2781225 / 278358 /3940333000
BhadrakBasudevpurRagharpokhariK.C.M.E School At:RajgharpokhariPanchanan Mohanty,Secy. CSMMC S/o Benudhar AT:Rajgharpokhari,PO:Rajgharpokhari Via: Pirahatbazar BLOCK:Bhadrak,DIST.:BhadrakTel.:956784-287033 (Asst. Teacher) 956784-287238 (Sarpanch) M-99382314543000
BhadrakBasudevpurSudarshanpurJaganthi UP School JaganathiPrafulla Kumar Agasti,Secy. CSMMC S/o -Dibakar AT:Jaganathi, PO:Suan, Via-Iram BLOCK:Basudevpur DIST.:Bhadrak956784-278160 / 94377548113000
BhadrakBasudevpurAndolaNear Pry School (Gajalaxmipadia) At:JuragadiaBalaram Dash,Secy. CSMMC S/o Baidhar AT:Andola,PO:Nayakanidihi BLOCK:Basudevpur, DIST.:Bhadrak Via: GhanteswarTel:956784-277057 / M-99374601213000
BhadrakBasudevpurLaxmidaspurPry School At:LaxmidaspurBharat Ch. Puhan,Secy. CSMMC S/o Upendra AT:Laxmidaspur,PO:Motipoka BLOCK:Basudevpur,DIST.:BhadrakTel:956784-297161 M: 99372103043000
GanjamGanjamRamagarhNear Primary School At: SipakudaSri Dharanidhar Nayak,Secy. CSMMC AT:Sipakuda,PO:palluru Via : HummaBlock:Ganjam,DIST.:Ganjam 956811-221369/221135 9937186920 (contact)3000
GanjamGanjamRamagarhPrimary School At:ArunapurSri Surendra Ku. Pallai,Secy. CSMMC AT:Arunapur,PO:Palluru Via: Humma BLOCK:Ganjam, DIST.:Ganjam956811-221106 / 221101 M: 99371809073000
GanjamGanjamRamagarhPrimary School At:PrayagiSri Satya Ranjan Gouda, Secy. CSMMC AT:Prayagi, PO:Palluru VIA:Huma, DIST.:GanjamTel:956811-221278 Mo: 9937071587 / 9937545574 (Secy)3000
GanjamGanjamPalibandhaPrimary School Front At:BinchanapalliSri Parameswar Rao,Secy. CSMMC At:Binchanapalli,Po:Ganjam Via/Block:Ganjam,Dist:GanjamTel: 956811- 254155 /254844(Res) Mo: 9238713648 / 937778511583000
GanjamGanjamPalibandhaUP School At: PurunabandhaSri Surendranath Behera,Secy. CSMMC At: Purunabandha,Po:Pallibandha Via/Block: Ganjam,Dist: Ganjam956811-254447 Mo: 98619160273000
GanjamGanjamPalibandhaUP School At: KantiagadaSri Narasingha Swain,Secy: CSMMC At:Kantiagada,Po:Huma Via: Humma, Block/Dist: GanjamMo: 9937959661 (Contact)3000
GanjamChatrapurKanamanaUP School Premises At: KanamanaSri Duryodhan Behera,Secy. CSMMC S/o-Maguni Behera At-Kanamana,Po:Kanamana Block:Chatrapur,Dist:Ganjam956811-257552 M- 99375286063000
GanjamChatrapurKanamanaUP School At: MatikholaSri Ramesh Ch.Sahoo, Secy. CSMMC S/o- Dibakar Sahoo At: Matikhola,Po: Matikhola Via: Chhatrapur,Dist: Ganjam956811-257292 M: 98612454073000
GanjamChatrapurAryapalliNear Primary School At: Bada-ArjyapalliG. Kamya Raju, Secy. CSMMC At:Bada-Arjyapalli, PO:Bada-Arjyapalli Via/Block:Chhatrapur, Dist:Ganjam956811-257807 / 262179 9778097947 (Ex- Secy) / M: 9861209832 (Near) / M: 9437069286 (Sarpanch) / 9861722399 (Secy)3000
GanjamChatrapurKahaliapaliGovt. Primary School At: UplapatiSri Prafulla Ku. Sahoo, Secy. CSMMC S/o - Naran At: Uplapati,PO:Uplapati Via: Gopalpur Block:Chhatrapur,Dist: Ganjam95680-2242107 M: 9777095469 / 9338001331 / 91785817743000
GanjamChatrapurKahaliapaliCommunity Land Near Primary School At: HaripurSri Santosh Ku.Behera,Secy. CSMMC At: HaripurPO: Gopalpur(Ansi) Via: Gopalpur Block: Chatrapur,Dist: GanjamM: 99375404923000
GanjamChikitiKotaruUP School At:Chandan bedK.Dasrath Reddy,Secy CSMMC S/O- K.Simadri At -S.Chandanbada, Po-Kotture Via-Girisola ,Block-Chikit ,GanjamPh-0680-2350314 9178885072 (Secy) / 9938633127 (son)3000
GanjamRangilundaIndrakhiGovt. land At-TuluG.Damburu Reddy Secy CSMMC S/o - G.Pallaya At/: Reddy Tulu (Tulu) Po: Indrakhi, Via: Golantara Block Rangilunda, Dist: GanjamMobail - 9938527695/ 2248929(Res) Ph: 0680-2248759 ( Dandapani Babu) 9437186427(Dandapani Babu) / 99375601023000
GanjamChhatrapurAgastinuaganME School Front At:AgastinuaganSri Bhimasen Palia, Secy, CSMMC S/o-Narayan At/Po-Agastinuagaon, Via - Chhatrapur, Block:Chhatrapur, Dist-GanjamTel: 956811-254516 /254525 M - 9937521890 / 94376188943000
GanjamChhatrapurAgastinuaganNear UP School At-NolianuagaonANG.Dandapani, Secy CSMMC S/o ANG.Sinati At: Nolianuagaon, Po:Agastinuagaon Block: Chhatrapur, Via:Chatrapur Dist-GanjamMobile-9937211419 9778545768 (Secy)3000
JagatsinghpurKujangaMangarajpurHigh School At: MangarajpurBabaji Charan Khatua Headmaster cum Secy CSMMC Panchayat High School At/Po: Mangarajpur,Via-Kujanga Block Kujanga Dist: JagatsinghpurTel: 956722-236656 Mobile-99371-78949 / 9237026435 / 9238739494 (Sarpanch)3000
JagatsinghpurKujangaFatepurPrimary School At: FatepurSri Niranjan Pradhan, Secy CSMMC S/o Nityananda At: Fatepur,Via-Kujanga Po: Gopikuda Block: Kujanga, Dist: JagatsinghpurM-9861203993 / 97777901233000
JagatsinghpurKujangaNuagharHigh School At: NuagarhSri Gourahari Raut (Secy CSMMC) S/o Dhurba At: Nuagarh, Po: Paradeep Lock, Via-Kujanga Block: Kujanga, Dist: JagatsinghpurTel: 06722-2307973000
JagatsinghpurKujangaBhutamundaiPipalSri Jadumani Mohapatra, Secy CSMMC C/o Radhamohan At: Pipal,Po: Bhutmundai,Via-Paradeep Block: Kujanga, Dist: JagatsinghpurM: 9778457251(Secy) 9853367692 (Member)3000
JagatsinghpurBalikudaTarasahiCommunity land At: TarasahiSampada Kumar Behera,(Postal Address) Secy CSMMC S/o Bulei At: Tarasahi, Po: Risol, Via: Lataharina, Dist: PuriMobile-9937506370 / 9938939721 (Sarpanch) / 9937963860 (brother) / 9937624832 (Sambhu)3000
JagatsinghpurBalikudaBaramundaliPry School IchhapurJudhistira Nayak, Secy CSMMC S/o- Magu Nayak At: Ichhapur, Po: Baramundali, Via-Machhagaon Block: Balikuda, Dist: JagatsinghpurMobile-9938828757(Near) 0671-2372535 9776434554 (Secy Contact) / 91783156993000
JagatsinghpurKujangaParadeepgarhPrimary School At:NimidihiSri Arakhita Swain,Secy. CSMMC S/o-Purna,AT:Nimidihi PO:Pradeep Gada,BLOCK:Kujanga DIST.:JagatsinghpurTel: 06722 - 230106 Mo: 99381485682000
JagatsinghpurKujangaPatapurBaulanga M.E. School At:BaulangaSri Prafulla Ku. Mohanty,Secy. CSMMC S/o-Prahallada,AT:Baulanga PO:Chatua,Block: Kujanga DIST.:JagatsinghpurPh-0671-2376284 (C) Mo: 9937344551 / 9937371205 (Sarpanch)3000
JagatsinghpurErasamaDhinkiaGovindpur UP School (Govt. land) At:GovindapurSri Ranjan Bardhan,Secy. CSMMC S/o-Laxmidhar,AT:Govindapur PO:Dhinkia, Via-Kujanga,Dist-JagatasinghapurM: 9937545161-Secy M: 99384532063000
JagatsinghpurErasamaNardiaInfront of Nardia UP School At:NardiaSri Khetra Mohan Dash,Secy. CSMMC S/o-Kanhu,AT:Nardia PO:Panchupalli, Via-Borikina DIST.:JagatsinghpurMo: 9937616837 M: 9937963684 (Sarpanch) / 9861121294 9937024756 (Membar)3000
KendraparaMahakalpadaBaradangaBaharsubalaSri Chaittaranjan Pradhan, Secy CSMMC At-Baharsubala P.O-Nantar Via-Mahakalpada Block-Mahakalpada Dist-KendraparaM-99380372802000
KendraparaMahakalpadaBarakandaPalligarhSri Prasanta Behera, Secy, CSMMC At-Palligarh, P.O-Kochila, Via-Mahakalpada Block-Mahakalpada Dist-KendraparaM-9178162525 Head Master-99377625002000
KendraparaMahakalpadaBarakandaAdoiSri Sisir Kumar Rout, Secy CSMMC At-Adoi, P.O-Barakanda, Via-Mahakalpada Block-Mahakalpada, Dist-KendraparaM-9938473596 Sarpanch-97775126512000
KendraparaMahakalpadaBarkandaAkhadasaliSri Brajakishore Barik, Secy CSMMC At-Akhadasali P.O.-Barkanda Via-Mahakalpada Block-Mahakalpada Dist-KendraparaM-91781281022000
KendraparaMahakalpadaGoguaSanarahamaSri Sridhar Ku.Sutar,Secy. CSMMC AT:Sanarahama,PO:Babar BLOCK:Mahakalapada, DIST.:KendraparaMo: 9937954561 (Secy) Mo: 9437854331/ 9437505610 (Dhruba Sir)2000
KendraparaMahakalpadaTikarpankaChhandaSri Lambodar Mohanty, Secy CSMMC At-Sri Maa UP School, Chhanda Purusottampur P.O-Gatanai, Via-Kujanga, Dist-KendraparaM-99389602772000
KendraparaRajnagarkandiraNuagaonSri Kalandi Bag, Secy. CSMMC AT:Nuagaon, PO:Kandira BLOCK:Rajnagar,DIST.:Kendrapara0671-2397632 Mo: 9437727075(Ex-Sarpanch) M: 9938443046 (Member) / 9938493924 (Secy) / 9937762749 (Sarpanch)2000
KendraparaRajnagarMahuliaRajgarhSri Baikuntha Bihari Biswal, Secy. CSMMC, At-Rajaghar, P.O-Mahulia, Block-Rajanagar, Dist-KendraparaM-97766732282000
KendraparaRajnagarRanganiDaleisahiSukadev Singh, Secy CSMMC At: Dalaisahi, Po: Manjurapali Block: Rajnagar, Dist: Kendrapara9439057163 / 9937033841 (Secy) Mobile-9437319822 (Parimala babu) 9437668736 (Pratap babu)3000
KendraparaMahakalpadaGoguaRatpankSri Jahanlal Bhuyan, Secy, CSMMC, At-Ratapanga, P.O-Chakada Gogua, Via-Badapara Block-Mahakalpada Dist-KendraparaM-99379740582000
KendraparaRajnagarKoilipurBadkotSri Pandab Charan Rout, Secy CSMMC At-Badkot P.O.-Koilipur, Block-Mahakalpada Dist-KendraparaM-91789898152000
KendraparaRajnagarDeraNuagaonJasobantha Rout, Secy CSMMC At: Nuagaon, Po: Gopalpur Block: Rajnagar, Dist: KendraparaTel: 0671-2277119 0671-2397119 9937246585 (Sarpanch)3000
KendraparaRajnagarBrahmansahiBada NaukanaGaneswar Mallik, Secy CSMMC At/Po: Bada Naukana, Block: Rajnagar Dist: KendraparaMobile-9938402651/ 9937754116 (Secy) / 9937329418 (Sarapanch) Tel:0671-23973693000
KendraparaRajnagarDangamalaKhamarsahi (Dangamala)Sri Krushna Panigrahi, Secy CSMMC At: Khamarsahi, Po: Dangamala, Via-Iswarpur Block: Rajnagar, Dist: KendraparaMobile-9938128050 Tel: 956786-283437/2834173000
KendraparaRajnagarKuruntiBalarampurBhramar Bar Parida, Secy CSMMC At-Balarampur, P.O-Kurunti Block-Rajnagar Dist-KendraparaM-99380535892000
KendraparaRajnagarKuruntiKuruntiSanatan Jena, Secy CSMMC At/Po: Kurunti, Block: Rajnagar Dist: KendraparaTel: 956729-272109 Mobail-99384249043000
KendraparaRajnagarTalachuaTalachuaTapas Dev Nath, Secy CSMMC S/o Aaintha Dev Nagth At/Po: Talachua, Block: Rajnagar Dist: KendraparaMobile-9437453663 9437462122 (Shaktipad babu) 9437088268 (Sarapanch) Ph: 956786-283459 (Market )3000
KendraparaMahakalpadaRamnagarRamanagarRanjan Kumar Mandal, Secy CSMMC At/Po: Ramanagar, Via-Mahakalpara, Block: Mahakalpada Dist: KendraparaMobile-9040383184 9238734511 Tel-06727-280836 (R)3000
KendraparaMahakalpadaRamnagarBrajabakudaSanjya Sukla, Secy CSMMC S/o Madhusudan At: Baraj Bahakuda,Po: Ramnagar Block: Mahakalpada, Dist: KendraparaMobile-9437611106 (Secy)/ 9937895878 (Sarpanch) Tel: 0671-23764623000
KendraparaMahakalpadaBaulkaniHigh School At: PrabhakarpurSri Kalandi Khillar, Secy CSMMC At: Prabhakarpur, Po: Baulakani Block: Mahakalpada Dist: KendraparaMobile-9937690983,Secy Tel: 95671-2376446 95671-2376412 (STD)3000
KendraparaMahakalpadaGoguaKeutajangaSri Raghunath Gayan, Secy CSMMC At-Kalatunga P.O-Chakada Gogua Via-Badapada Block-Mahakalpada Dist-KendraparaM-99371077522000
KendraparaMahakalpadaKhursiaKhursiapatSanjaya Kumar Khuntia, Secy CSMMC At/Po: Khursiapat,Block: Mahakalpada Dist: KendraparaMobile-9861942289 (Secy) 9861942287 (Junia) 9938191671(Sarapanch) / 9777144383 (Nagendra)3000
KendraparaMahakalpadaBadihiTarapadaSri Bidhan Rout,Secy. CSMMC AT:Tarapada,PO:K.B.Dandua Via: Mahakalpada BLOCK:Mahakalpada, DIST.:KendraparaTel:95671-2377836 M: 9938395329 9937683539 (Sarpanch)3000
KendraparaMahakalpadaGoguaGoguaSri Surath Prasad Mohanty, Secy CSMMC S/o Babaji At/Po: Chakada Gogua, Via - Badapara, Block: Mahakalpada Dist : KendraparaTel: 95671-2395742/2397450 Mobail-9938877136 / 99381406933000
KendraparaMahakalpadaSunitJagarjoreSri Manoj Ku.Patra,Secy. CSMMC AT:Dattapur, PO:Sunit BLOCK:Mahakalapada,DIST.:Kendrapara95671-2395184(Res.) M: 99381-28094 (Secy) 9937362075 (Sarpanch)3000
KendraparaPattamundaiKhanataSankhapurSri Subrat Kumar Barik,Secy. CSMMC C/o Narahari, AT:Sankhapur, PO:Madanpur Via: Madanpur BLOCK:Pattamundai,DIST.:KendraparaTel:95671-2397220 (WLL) Mobail-9861772323 9938129025(Contact) / 9861772323 (contact) / 9861013172 (brother) / 9938642717 (Sarpanch) 7894334094 (Secy, CSMMC)3000
KendraparaPattamundaiOupadaKoriapalaSri Bharat Rout,Secy. CSMMC S/o Trilochan AT:Koriapala, PO:Oupada Via: Alibha BLOCK:Pattamundai, DIST.:Kendrapara956729-272170 M: 99381766763000
KendraparaRajnagarDangamalSubarnapurSri Jitendra Ray,Secy. CSMMC AT:Subarnapur, PO:Krushnanagar Block:Rajnagar, DIST.:Kendrapara956786-283460 Mo: 9437264560 / 9937944889 (Secetary)2000
KendraparaRajnagarRanganiVektaSekh Akbar Malla,Secy. CSMMC AT:Vekta, PO:Rangani BLOCK:Rajnagar, DIST.:Kendrapara956786-283419/283401 9178195657 (Secy) / 9437801146 (Sarpanch)2000
KendraparaRajnagarRanganiPattapariaSri Sarat Dalai,Secy. CSMMC AT:Pattaparia, PO:Rangani BLOCK:Iswarpur, DIST.:KendraparaTel:06786-283419 Khokanbabu:94372-95797 Mobail- 9938345926 / 9938345926 (contact)2000
KendraparaRajnagarIswarpurSilapokhari, N.Silapokhari Primary SchoolBaikuntha Kumar Barik, Secy. CSMMC At: Niakhunta (Silapokhari), PO/Via:Iswarpur Block:Rajnagar, DIST.:KendraparaTel:0671-2399448 M: 9437377428 M: 9938578478(Sarpanch) / 9437926013 (Secy) 9668683446 (Secy)3000
KendraparaRajnagarkandiraBhitargarh, Bhitargarh UP SchoolSri Nirakar Sarangi, Secy. CSMMC At-Bhitaragada, P.O-Bhitaragada, Via-Rajanagar, Block-Rajnagar, Dist-KendraparaM-99383033622000
KendraparaRajnagarGuptiRajarajeswarpur, Near UGME SchoolSri Kalipada Mandal,Secy. CSMMC AT:Rajrajeswarpur, PO:Gopalpur Block:Rajnagar, DIST.:Kendrapara95671-2377535 9937679363 (Secy)3000
KendraparaRajnagarRajnagarRajnagarSri Prabhat Chandra Mishra,Secy. CSMMC AT:Rajnagar,PO:Rajnagar BLOCK:Rajnagar,DIST.:KendraparaM: 99378131543000
PuriKrushnaprasadMaludaMaludaSri Sivaram Jena, Secy CSMMC S/o Samant Sasibhusan At/Po-Maluda, VIA-Balugaon Block:Krushnaprasad Dist:PuriTel: 0674-2901220 Mobail-99371374873000
PuriKrushnaprasadNuapadaNuapadaSri Ramesh Chandra Sahoo, Secy CSMMC S/o Rankanidhi At/Po-Chilika Nuapada, Via-Bramhagiri Block: Krushnaprasad Dist-PuriPh: 956756-261081(Res) 956756-261019 (School Peon)3000
PuriKrushnaprasadBerhampurBerhampurRanjit Kumar Samal, Secy CSMMC At/Po:Berhampur,Via-Bramhagiri ,Block:Krushnaprasad Dist: PuriMobile-9937851011 (Secy) 9938138524 (H.M) / 9338214439 (Secy) Ph: 0674-2334286 / 2334363 /23343813000
PuriAstarangaTaladaTaladaBrajabandhu Senapati, Secy CSMMC S/o: Hata Kiswar At: Talada,Via-Lataharana, Block:Astaranga Dist: PuriMobile-9937961322 (Secy) Ph:0674-23331563000
PuriKakatpurAbadanSingarpalBabaji Pujari, Secy CSMMC S/o Bhima At: Singarpal (Kanarpur),Po: Chitreswar Via:Konark, Dist: PuriPh: 95674-2333142 Mobail(cont)-9937482291 / 9938091148 / 9937354191 (Sarpanch)3000
PuriPuri MuncipalityPuri MunicipalityPenthakataK.Somson, Secy. CSMMC AT:Chakratirtha road,Puri, PO:Puri-3,Muncipality:Puri DIST.:PuriTel:956752-221868 9437185497(M) 9437185943(CSMMC Member) / 9937158808 (Home) / 9777798216 (Babuli babu)3000
PuriPuriBaliputSiaraSri Prasanna Ku.Parida,Secy. CSMMC S/o Duryodhan, AT:Siaro,PO:Siara BLOCK:Sadar(Puri),DIST.:Puri Via: BamnalTel:0674-2331056 99372289602000
PuriPuriBaliguliBeladalaSri Amulya ratna Pradhan,Secy. CSMMC AT:Beladala,PO:Baliguhali,Via-Purisadar BLOCK:Sadar,DIST.:Puri956752-246972 (Chhak) Mobail- 9937642570 (secy)3000
PuriBramhagiriAmbapadaNarasinghpurpatnaDinabandhu Mani, Secy CSMMC AT:Narsinghpur Patna,PO:Palang Block- Brahmagiri,DIST.:PuriTel: 92386-99518/ 9778037251 (Secy)3000
PuriKrushnaprasadArakhakudaArakhakudaLaxmidhar Behera, Secy. CSMMC AT:Arakhakuda, PO:Arakhakuda Via: Brahmagiri BLOCK:Krushnaprasad, DIST.:Puri9238664168 (Secy)2000
PuriKrushnaprasadArakhakudaGopinathpurBalabhadra Nayak,Secy. CSMMC AT:Betagadia(Gopinathpur),PO:Arakhakuda Via: Brahmagiri BLOCK:Krushnaprasad,DIST.:PuriTel:06752-241196, 241229 Mo: 99375357993000
PuriKrushnaprasadPanaspadaPanaspadaSri Bibhuti Bhusan Pradhan,Secy. CSMMC AT:Panaspada,PO:Panaspada BLOCK:Krushnaprasad, DIST.:PuriTel:06752-241211 9938871652 (Secy)3000
PuriKrushnaprasadSatapadaSatpadaSri Suratha Dalbehera,Secy. CSMMC AT:Banki,PO:Satpada BLOCK:Krushnaprasad, DIST.:Puri956752-262131 Mo: 9778868533 (Secy) M: 9437286271 (Majhi Babu)3000
PuriKrushnaprasadSiandiSiandiRama Chandra Palai,Secy. CSMMC AT:Siandi,PO:Siandi BLOCK:Krushnaprasad,DIST.:PuriTel: 0674-23342693000
PuriKrushnaprasadRamlenkaKumarpurSri Santosh Ku.Behera,Secy. CSMMC AT:Kumarpur,PO:Ramlenka BLOCK:Krushnaprasad, DIST.:PuriTel:9937181082 / 9937186390 / 9692363883 (Secy)3000
PuriKrushnaprasadBajrakoteTalatalaSanjay Ku.Pradhan, Secy. CSMMC AT:Talatala,PO:Bajrakote BLOCK:Krushnaprasad,DIST.:PuriTel: 0674-2334033 9938123522 (secy) Mobile(cont)-99371805503000