Operation India – Sample Notifications

Many people are hesitating, wondering what to write, so here are some samples. Feel free to create your own. ================== Hi/Dear Sir/Madam/etc This is to notify you under Operation India that your content at url [whatever-link] containing a picture of Poonam Pandey in a bikini (for example) would be in violation of the IT Rules for […]

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Operation India

Dear Indians, The upcoming IT rules have the potential to severely restrict your freedom of speech. Any content you put up can be taken down on the basis of a complaint by anyone for any of the reasons from the graphic in this post. You may think if you don’t own a blog, your content […]

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An Open Letter to King Harald V of Norway

Your Highness, I am a blogger from India writing with great concern to you about compatriots of my country in grave trouble in yours. These are Anurup and Sagarika Bhattacharya in Oslo, whose children Avigyan,3, and Aishwarya,1 have been taken from them and put into foster care by your Child Protective Services. I have been […]

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Breivik's killing spree and ideological stuff

Not really a post,  some thoughts. Beginning with saying that this was a gruesome mass murder and act of terrorism. I applaud the response of democracy from Norway. That said, this incident brings into stark relief some of the worst prejudices as the world and country. Many assumed that it was an Islamic attack. Few […]

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