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This page aims to track extent of Cyclone Phailin relief and rehabilitation that will be needed based on news reports and tweets.

80 lakh people in 15,000 villages of 12 Odisha districts have been affected. 5 lakh Hectares of Standing Crops destroyed causing loss of about ₹2,400 Cr.

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I am adding all news I come to hear, please add any I may have missed in the comments.

As you can see, being able to prevent loss of life has not meant saving livelihoods and homes. Your aid is as important as ever for the living. Here is how to donate or send aid for Cyclone Phailin survivors.

Note: The updates are neither in ascending nor descending in order to put related ones together, so time sensitive ones have time mentioned in brackets.

Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik has declared that relief will be provided for 7 days to families in severely affected areas n 14 days relief 4 people in very severely affected villages.

Cargo ship MV Bingo, last sighted east of Sagar in West Bengal is missing. Feared sunk. Search now on for 20 crew members. Update: Missing crew has been located. No casualties.

"Chief Minister has reviewed the Phailin cyclone, not much damage in Andhra Pradesh, 1 casualty, horticulture belts damaged." ~ Anam Ramanarayana Reddy, AP FM

Electricity has been cut off in Ganjam, Gajapati, Khurda, Nayagarh, Puri, Cuttack, Kendrapara, Jagatsingh, Jajpur, Bhadrak, Balasore and Mayurbhanj. (7:30am)

"Electricity will be restored in BBSR, Cuttack, Puri by evening of today." ~ Energy secretary Pradip Jena

13 electricity towers damaged all over Odisha, including 9 in Ganjam district, where it will take 4-7 days (1:40pm)

Power has been restored in Rasulgarh, Jagmara, Aerodrome area in Bhubaneswar & in Cuttack Badambadi.

Massive destruction to kutch houses in Odisha, specially in Ganjam and Kheonjhar districts. Thousands left homeless.

Alert lifted for Andhra Pradesh (11am)

Surjeet Singh, Deputy Inspector General, NDRF said that efforts to clear roads jammed by fallen trees is on. They are also clearing the debris off damaged properties and check for any trapped people.

Morning after Cyclone Phailin dawns. Some damage to buildings and uprooted trees and electricity poles, but no loss of life reported so far other than those before cyclone hit land yesterday. (7:30am)

"No casualties reported so far due to cyclone Phailin." (8:00am) ~ National Disaster Response Force Chief Krishna Chowdhary. Also "More than 50 teams working in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh." (10:15am)

IAF to start air dropping of relief materials in affected areas after 11am. (as of 7:45am) Flights preparing to resume with some delays expected.

Drinking water being supplied door to door in Bhubaneswar.

"We are taking stock as to how fast we can restore tracks and restore passenger and goods traffic." ~ Anil Saxena,Spokesperson Railways

About 7000 passengers are stranded in Puri and top priority is to restore Puri-Howrah line, and help them reach Howrah. Update: Train services restored between Howrah and Puri. (4:30pm)

"3 Lakh Hectares agricultural damage. 80,53,000 people affected. 14,515 villages under cyclone impact." ~ Special relief Commissioner

Impact of Cyclone Phailin on Srikakulam

One person reported dead.

"Restoration of electricity, drinking water within 2 days in Srikakulam" ~ T Radha, Commissioner. Disaster Management

Impact of Cyclone Phailin on Ganjam district


Three deaths in Ganjam (NDTV) due to tree falling. Unclear if these are the same as yesterday or new ones being reported. Also, the numbers vary between 2 (The Hindu) and 5 (PTI) depending on publication. ZeeNews reported 7, which seems to be confirmed by Jay Panda's tweet.

Extensive damage to crops is being reported (NDTV).

Extensive damage to electrical grid, including damage to 9 electrical towers means it will take 4-7 days to restore electricity in Ganjam.

Impact of Cyclone Phailin on Berhampur district

Berhampur University Building collapsed last night soon after Cyclone hit. (Multiple sources)

Debris, trees down, electric infrastructure, some flooding have been reported. (NDTV)

Clearing felled trees has started already in some places. (local tweet)

Section of NH5 flooded (ANI)

Impact of Cyclone Phailin on Vizag

Wall collapsed at No.11 Jetty at Vizag harbour (also yesterday). (Local news)

Image: The Hindu
Image: The Hindu

Impact of Cyclone Phailin in Puri

Fishermen missing in Cyclone Phailin

18 fishermen reported stranded off Paradip coast - current status is unclear. Update: They have been found and rescued.

Cargo vessel MV Bingo from West Bengal is out of communications at sea. Last seen on the east of Sagar. Presumed sunk. Search on for missing crew members. Update: Missing crew has been located. No casualties.

This and other updates on Cyclone Phailin would not have been possible without the cooperation of a dedicated group of volunteers making information more accessible. Special thanks to @tw_bhav for doing a lot of the heavy lifting of sifting through information, @scorpiusmaximus for regular updates and detailed information as some familiar with the region and countless others.

With every crisis comes a plague of those profiting from it. Cyclone Phailin is devastating in its proportions and the damage it leaves behind. It is important to channel your aid through reliable organizations so that it reaches people on the ground rather than getting siphoned off or scammed.

I will confirm and update more sources as they announce their appeals. Scroll down for list of suggested necessities to send.

Here are several ways you can help that are fairly trustworthy. Include your name and address if you want IT exemption.

  1. The Prime Minister's national relief fund. If you have netbanking, you ought to be able to use it to securely donate to PMNRF - Prime Minister's National Relief Fund. Many banks will offer links to donate funds for crisis relief after natural disasters like the Cyclone Phailin later. Or you can snail mail a cheque or demand draft in the name of "Prime Minister's National Relief Fund" and send to Prime Minister's Office, South Block, New Delhi - 110011
  2. Chief Minister's Relief Fund Andhra Pradesh: You can Donate Online. Here are the instructions for doing wire/telegraphic transfers of your donations from outside India. The account details for the wire transfers should also work for depositing cheques - HDFC Bank Ltd, MUMBAI. Acct no : 0212320004718. Account name : The Chief Minister Relief Fund , Govt of AP.
  3. Chief Minister's Relief Fund for Odisha: Donate to “CHIEF MINISTER’S RELIEF FUND, ORISSA” (CMRF) by CHEQUE/DEMAND DRAFT payable at Bhubaneswar. All contributions to ORISSA CMRF may be sent to Joint Secretary to Government, GA (CMRF) Department, Orissa Secretariat, Bhubaneswar- 751001,Orissa. Donors can also remit through their bank directly to SB A/C No.10566116417 of State Bank of India, Forest Park Branch, Bhubaneswar, Orissa. They also have an online page for donations, which isn't working. I'll update when they fix it.
  4. Goonj.org is a website that works for rescue and relief after natural disasters. They accept aid in the form of money, clothing as well as other material contributions that can be put to good use by survivors. They have an extensive network where you can drop material contributions for relief at a location convenient to you and both Indians and foreigners can also donate online. You can volunteer for them where you live and organize collections of donations to facilitate greater aid. If you can organize truckloads from your locality, they will pick them up.
  5. Doctors For You run medical camps after disasters. Yes Bank A/C No: 000190300000030 Branch: Yes Bank, Worli branch, Mumbai IFSC Code: YESB0000001

Doctors For You do good work, and you should plan on donating to them, but not just yet. Let them announce their aid and make appeals first.

Here are some suggested items for donating:

  • Tarpaulin sheets, plastic sheets and other waterproof shelter materials. This is a biggie. Many homes are destroyed, even more have roofs blown off that will need to be covered immediately to protect inside of house from decaying in the rain as well.
  • Food: Vast quantities of dry snacks that can be distributed to those in shelters.
  • Essential medicines, first aid supplies, sanitary napkins.
  • MILK powder. Loads of kids living in shelters will need milk.
  • I would say clothes, but clothes are the most common gift and most abused. Give only practical clothes that rural people will wear daily and give clothes that are in GOOD CONDITION. There is no point spending money on transporting worn down or otherwise unwearable clothes that far, at cost that could be spent on things that can be used.
  • Blankets, bedsheets, karrimats/chatais/groundsheets.
  • Utensils - think basic, versatile pots, pans, plates, glasses, laddles and such. This is no place for the forgotten crockery from your wedding. Larger ones will be better than tiny ones. Think 2 liter volume and above for pots.
  • Anything else that is useful and practical. Make suggestions in comments, and I can put these up here. Check the Goonj website and aid requests on social media. There may be updates on specific needs.

Start sending! Help to rehabilitate lakhs of people will be needed rapidly now.


Note 2: For newer updates see Cyclone Phailin toll, relief and other information and information to donate or send aid.

Note: This page tracks resources. For monitoring breaking news from Cyclone Phailin, see the page for news updates about Cyclone Phailin. This page will be updated constantly. Please keep checking. Also check map of shelters, hospitals and control rooms.

Cyclone Phailin is a massive cyclone building in the Bay of Bengal and expected to hit India's east coast by tomorrow evening. Its severity has been guaged as 4 (on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being worst) and is expected to rise to 5 by the time it hits landfall. The cyclone is expected to affect Andhra Pradesh, Odisha (Orissa) and Madhya Pradesh. This page aims to collect all relevant information. Feel free to use the comments to add resources or request resources.

  • Over 500,000 evacuated in India via NDMA as of 5:00pm on 12th October
  • Over 35,000,000 in the path of Phailin
  • 20+ foot storm surge expected
  • Joint Typhoon Warning Center estimated current significant wave height within Phailin ~56 ft.
  • All trains between Howrah and Vishakhapatanam have been cancelled as a precautionary measure. 56 trains have been canceled,16 diverted&4-5 trains partially terminated.
  • All flights to Odisha have been stopped, airports have been shut down
  • Doctors for Seva has two medical teams on standby in Hyderabad and Chattisgarh for Cyclone Phailin relief work.
  • At its peak, Cyclone #Phailin tied both the 1999 Cyclone & 2013's Typhoon #Usagi: Earth's strongest storm this year. http://t.co/o20mCoUN1M via @EricHolthaus


Helplines for Cyclone Phailin

Now there is a page with mapped helplines information

Control Room Contacts

Also Contact page for APEPDCL has details on various offices and customer service numbers.

West Godavari DistrictControl Rooms
Eluru Collectorate08812-230617
Eluru RDO08812-232044
Narsapuram RDO08814-276699
Kovvur RDO08813-231488
Jangareddygudem RDO08821-223660
Power Supply Control Rooms
Eluru Circle Office08812-231287/288920
Eluru Div Office08812-252150/232151
Nidadavolu Div Office08813-221093/221211
Bhimavaram Div Office08816-223464/228628
Tadepalligudem Div Office08818-221357/220777
Jangareddygudem Div office08821-225844/226864
Technical DEO, Eluru Circle94408 12703
Operations DEO, Eluru Circle94408 12704
Technical EO, Eluru Circle94906 10137
Operations DEO, Nidadavolu94408 12706
Technical EO, Nidadavolu94906 10142
Operations DEO, Bhimavaram94408 12707
Technical EO, Bhimavaram94906 10143
Operations EO, Tadepalligudem94408 12705
Technical EO, Bhimavaram94906 10140
Operations EO, Jangareddygudem94910 49797
Technical EO, Jangareddygudem94910 30712

East Coast Railway Helplines

East Coast Railway Helplines Vizag-0891-2505793, 08935-249672, Vizianagaram-08922-225510, Srikakulam-08942- 28722 Naupada-08945-249728, Rayagada-06856-6222407, Koraput-06852-251802


List of cyclone shelters in Andhra Pradesh http://disastermanagement.ap.gov.in/website/shelters.htm

OdishaTotal number: 10,042
AndhraIcchapuram, Sompeta, Palasa,Etcherla, Kaviti mandals of Srikakulam dist: Total 32 shelters

How to prepare for a cyclone

https://aamjanata.com/wp-content/uploads/cyclonephailin-131011031453-phpapp02.pdf Presentation by Archana Kulshrestha

Track Cyclone Phailin

Sources of updates closest to ground zero

StandBy Task Force, OpenCrisis, Info4Disasters, HOT, ERCIS, EMA, CrisisMappersUK have teamed up?https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jAWzKP_Fhs5rzxzTChjvaDWNH319aHIzPywr327G0Xs/edit

Information on shelters, media, medical centers etc is at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AppW8Gi1zVHtdFFHSGViaEY5Y1NsYi1lc1NTTExxT1E&usp=drive_web#gid=0