Sudden epidemic of Solar-Powered ATMs in news

Sudden epidemic of Solar-Powered Water ATMs in news

Since I track news on water, it wasn’t too difficult to see when the sudden epidemic of news about these miraculous solar powered water ATMs hit. Last couple of days. The news before that is last year, then the year before last, and so on, right back up to the year 2008 – when Piramal […]

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250,000 takedowns per WEEK by Google – more total for all of 2009

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT Fight for the Future Tiffiniy Cheng Holmes Wilson (614) 465-6371 (508) 474-5248   May 24, 2012   Internet Freedom Group Fight for the Future Responds to Google’s Transparency Report   Google’s latest transparency report reveals that copyright holders are taking down over 250,000 URL’s*, more than the total for all […]

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