Mumbai Police recently filed FIR against K Raheja’s Palm Grove Beach Hotels Pvt Ltd.

Horizon Green (Borivali East) has invalid OC and Inadequate Drainage built without authorization Mumbai, 26th December, 2016: Mumbai Police recently filed FIR against K Raheja’s Palm Grove Beach Hotels Pvt Ltd.Reason? Violation of Town Planning Act by unauthorized construction of a drainage line in November-December 2015.Many months earlier, Palm Grove misled MCGM into giving Drainage Completion Certificate and  Occupation Certificate(OC) for their new building Horizon Green without drainage. To make up the lacuna, the developer belatedly […]

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Plugins for the Education System

Almost every problem you read about, you hear that the education system needs to be changed for a better world. It is a different matter that I think it should be scrapped, but even if we don’t scrap it, I think it is a big farce to imagine we can “seed” a new world by […]

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Women's rights

A girl who grew up in Rajasthan

One of my readers grew up in Rajasthan and was disturbed by the conversations around Violence Against Women. She had grown up with crimes against women being a common fact of her world. Some of the stories she told me raised my hair. Here is an excerpt from one of her emails: You can’t really […]

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