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Horizon Green (Borivali East) has invalid OC and Inadequate Drainage built without authorization

Mumbai, 26th December, 2016: Mumbai Police recently filed FIR against K Raheja's Palm Grove Beach Hotels Pvt Ltd.Reason? Violation of Town Planning Act by unauthorized construction of a drainage line in November-December 2015.Many months earlier, Palm Grove misled MCGM into giving Drainage Completion Certificate and  Occupation Certificate(OC) for their new building Horizon Green without drainage. To make up the lacuna, the developer belatedly built a drainage line going uphill. That's right, uphill!
The Deputy Municipal Commissioner's remarked on 5th January, 2016, "Validity of issue of occupation certificate dated on 18.4.2015 is doubtful".  If any flat-owners take possession and come to stay in their flats, they are in for a rude shock.When they start having baths and flushing toilets in sufficient numbers, their sewage will overflow.
See level difference in two blue circles in this drainage plan
Near the building, the drainage is 102.926 metres above mean sea level. Further down the line, the level is 105.862 metres – three metres higher, i.e. up the hill. The explanation given by K Raheja's CEO, M D Chande, is that "adequate slope is available between the last chamber in the building and the manhole on Municipal road to which the line is connected is confirmed by emptying water tanker in the last chamber in the presence of municipal staff." However, Mr Chande steadfastly refuses to back his claims with any figures i.e. metres above sea level, degree of slope, etc. Home buyers should remember that a slope of one foot per ten feet of length is needed for sewage sludge to flow; otherwise silting, stagnationand overflow are bound to happen.
Mr Chande alleges that as their neighbours deliberately blocked the old drainage line, he was forced to build the new uphill drainage.
Mr Chande claims that MCGM's Assistant Engineer - Maintenance gave NOC dated 20th November 2015 for the uphill drainage line without requiring the builder to submit any plans or diagrams.
"Why seek NOC from Maintenance department? Why not Building Proposal department?" we asked Mr Chande. His reply was that after giving OC, Building Proposal has no further jurisdiction. So he was forced to approach Maintenance Department. But  MCGM disregarded the Maintenance Department NOC and issued instructions to prosecute Palm Grove Beach Hotels for "unauthorized lying of sewer pipeline and drainage work". Read MCGM's Designated Officer's sanctionto prosecute.
DMC's remarks
MCGM's Deputy Municipal Commissioner wrote an office memo in January 2016, titled "Full Occupation Certificate issued... without completing all necessary works in the building". The DMC wrote: "It is reported that Building Proposal Department have given full Occupation Certificate to Building No. 6 on 18.4.2015... It is seen that now developer has started the work of laying drainage line. Designated Officer R/Central Ward had issued stop work notice on 9.12.2015... This clearly shows that before issue of occupation certificate, the drainage work was not completed." See the screenshot below.
The DMC's memo can be read at: http://bit.ly/KRaheja2
Catching small fish & setting the big ones free
The Assistant Police Inspector's statement prior to FIR mentions the mukadam Ramesh Kishan More, "Manager" Mr Chande and supervisor Virendra Dube. Read the statement: http://bit.ly/KRaheja4
As always, even while filing an FIR, the authorities catch unimportant minions and let the bosses go free. So, who were the persons named in the FIR? Not the directors of Palm Grove Beach Hotels and note even theproject's architect. At first, FIR was registered against Mr Chande and Mr Virendra Dube, a site supervisor working on contract basis. Here's the screenshot.

Later, the FIR was further diluted by removal of Mr Chande's name with white ink, and its replacement with Mr Dube's name, evidently because they represented to MCGM that Mr Chande, CEO, is "not concerned in this matter". So Mr Dube's name is mentioned twice in the same sentence. See the screenshot below:
So the blame for this multi-crore rupee fraud is being pinned only on a site supervisor who has zero discretionary powers and only follows orders. One is reminded of Justice S J Kathawalla's recent reprimand to EOW in a case concerning a builder... someone drags Palm Grove before Justice Kathawalla!
Krishnaraj Rao
Read K Raheja CEO's detailed rebuttal to this press release.
Sulaiman Bhimani

Almost every problem you read about, you hear that the education system needs to be changed for a better world. It is a different matter that I think it should be scrapped, but even if we don’t scrap it, I think it is a big farce to imagine we can “seed” a new world by brainwashing kids. We already have a lot of such programming about the environment happening and look how useful it is. Kids are growing up to fit their world. They now grow out of concern for the environment as a rite of passage to adulthood. But of course, we aren’t observing, so we think it is working. We also think it will work with other things.

For everything from corruption to better treatment of women, a big and important thing is that the children should be taught to do the right thing. There are several things wrong with this mentality.

  1. Values are inculcated, not taught. This means that you have to fix teachers, parents and assorted adults first so they can live those values for kids to absorb.
  2. Listening to this “design better kids” project, one would imagine that grown ups learn from the example of children rather than vice versa. Kids learn from watching adults. If the adults treat women bad and are corrupt, where is the child going to learn the “right” thing from? From his/her kids?
  3. Ok, if by some miracle, the children suddenly became perfect. What will they do? Change adults, in a world where they don’t have basic rights ensured and are completely at the mercy of adults?
  4. If children became perfect, why should they suffer our generation at all? Or if they weren’t perfect… should our generation be something to be endured by those we should be nourishing?
  5. That would also mean we must wait for a better world till this new and improved citizen replaces the existing citizens when they grow up.
  6. In other words, we are saying, we are hopeless. Beyond repair.
  7. Erm… not to ask you to care about the poor kids or anything, but how many solutions to seed? Our world is quite messed on many things. Or should there be a second “wave” of programming for their kids?


So why is such a lousy idea so popular?

  1. Because, by recommending that change be the responsibility of the education system, you shrug off your responsibility without appearing to be lazy. You just aren’t a teacher, you know? You don’t create syllabus and you passed out of school long ago, so you really can’t do anything beyond saying that schools should do it. You are just “positioned wrong”. Sucks, but now you’re off to molest that girl while you still can.
  2. You can continue to pretend that you are a functional citizen of a functional world and anything better will be the next version. You are at the zenith of evolution.
  3. You don’t have to confront any adults and risk offense. Bullying kids is normal. Even if it means expecting children to do something you can’t and calling it some kind of solution.
  4. You don’t have to admit, face or fix that your condition is unacceptable – personally. It is “the world” (other than you) who are suffering. No shit, Sherlock!

I suggest that unless you can speak for yourself, do not assign the responsibility of change to anyone (except the government, authority figures of various systems – who are administrators and thus responsible)

At least pretend to aim for the goal of leaving a better world for the kids instead of leaving a mess and a laundry list of all that they would have to change. If you want kids to grow up with better values, then make the world surrounding them have better values, so that they grow into them.

Lastly, any work that is too tough for you being assigned to kids is worse than child labor – even if physical work is not involved. Think of it before plonking down even more things to learn on the poor kids. Own your mess.

Think of this the next time you are about to say “XYZ should be taught in schools”


And no simple killer this. Rana already has two murder cases pending against him and yet was out on the streets free to kill more. On arrest he was confident that he would be out in a few months. There is no remorse of any kind.

Why are people supposed to take care of the well being of citizens preventing threats against them from coming to any harm? In other words, supporting people who killed openly on the street?
  • Amboli double murder case , watch what police are doing. Have they arrested who attacked police ? Who's protecting murderers ?
  • As the media in this country, do you not feel any responsibility? You are supposed to be a pillar of democracy. You have been speaking yourself hoarse over corruption. Then why this all pervading silence over politicians protecting murderers over vote banks?
    Even the "allergic to migrants" Raj Thackeray is silent and MNS activists are among those "meeting" residents of Valmiki Nagar along with other parties. What is this sudden political emergency emerging in this area? Why is it that there is no story visible here to you?
    We need you to find your integrity as a pillar of democracy. To find the honor in your jobs. To trump priorities with patriotism. To ask these burning questions and prevent the impunity with which this shocking dismissal of ethics is happening among those who should look after the well being of the people.
    Because you are not journalists only. You are also people who could be stabbed on the street for protecting someone you love. Keenan Santos could be you.
    We need your help. We don't want to become the people we see us becoming with this story. We want you to amplify our voice and help us insist on justice and question protections killers get from politicians.
    A Mumbaikar, an Indian.
    Update: since this letter was written, things have changed. Media has indeed picked up the story, several newspapers covering it in detail, channels covering, taking up campaigns, speaking to politicians on behalf of victims… Thought I should acknowledge that here.Update2: Media attention came and went. Nothing concrete has happened. Attention has moved on. The lawyer promised by the CM - Ujwal Nikam - hasn't been approached. The killer's face being shown in the media has actually weakened the case. Four accused are saying they didn't do it. Seventeen accused have families protesting their arrest. The rumors about political support for killers still very much alive. Your efforts will be no use if this ends like this. Read about the developments (long, source referenced research post. don't read on mobile. Give it a minute to open). We need you to stay with this. To see it through. If not everyday, but running reports often enough that it can't be parked under the carpet.


One of my readers grew up in Rajasthan and was disturbed by the conversations around Violence Against Women. She had grown up with crimes against women being a common fact of her world. Some of the stories she told me raised my hair. Here is an excerpt from one of her emails:

You can't really describe the environment. Sometimes we feel that it happens often in rural areas but women are going through same in metros as well. Its just that they know how to hide it better. Its difficult to hide such things in villages. In fact they involve panchayat as well.

I've seen husband beating their woman brutally. Fathers burying girl child (not seen) but sure. One was young & going around with Neighbour from different caste. He buried her inside the house and other one buried a newly born daughter cause he already had 3 and [that same] same guy used to flirt with his daughter's friends. Daughters stopped inventing them to their place.

Woman are usually scared. Be it dependent or independent women.

My cousin uncle got married when he was a kid (child marriage) he moved to city for education and realized that he didn't want to marry that uneducated woman. She often used to come to our place along with her mother and beg in front of my uncle. It used to happen often but he simply refused. She jumped in the well. Uncle got married to an educated woman and a perfect girl but he didn't tell her anything. She came to know about it after marriage.

I used to meet her often as I moved to their city and was in hostel. She was not allowed to go out of home alone. Many restrictions on her and my uncle was characterless. I've been molested by him as a kid. I grew up and he thought he had a chance. He asked me to come at his place once. I was suspicious and came to know later that my aunt was not at home. He used to come to my hostel to take me out. I could not refuse as he was my LG. He started touching me once and i started shouting and threatened him that I'll tell his wife and kids if he ever repeated this behavior. He was so shameless that he asked me that he won't do anything to me if I fix him up with one of my friend. He was good looking and young and my friend used to flirt with him. I started avoiding both later till I passed out.

For obvious reasons, she wants her identity kept secret. In other communication, she had shared about her own love marriage and her fear that she could actually be killed for it.

Another reader had told a story of a woman he knew committing suicide, because her family threatened to kill the man she was planning to marry. According to him, they [his distant uncle's sons] later said wouldn't actually have done it, would happily get her married rather than seeing her dead [which he thinks they wouldn't say if she were alive], they were only trying to scare her. Well... it seems they succeeded. She believed it. Must have been conveyed very convincingly.

This is raw, hard hitting. A series around these stories that keep coming in from readers is due, but I wanted to share this snippet in the light of the recent Rajasthan High Court's restrictions on Arya Samaj. Because with the court's request for a six day notice, things become far more dangerous for the young people living in such situations.