Men’s rights movement in India


Debunking Men’s Rights Activists claims

There is no doubt every law can be misused, particularly in a state where enforcement is haphazard at best. At the same time, the continued disinformation campaign by the supposed “Men’s Rights Activists” (a false term, explained later) that the 498a is mainly a tool to victimize men is false, from all the data I […]

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Men’s Rights, lies and persecution fantasies

As the voices protesting violence against women become louder, another kind of voice is rising. Save the Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) is an organization that does NOT aim to save Indian families, but to save families accused of domestic violence from going to jail. @vidyut Save Indian Family Foundation is a men’s rights NGO. It […]

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Women's rights

Debunking the “Misuse of Dowry Act” misogynist bandwagon

There is this group of men and women on the internet who seem to have a deep and abiding contempt for the Section 498A of the IPC – the Dowry Act. This section of people seem to see the Dowry Act as a weapon evil women use against men. They find nothing illogical in the […]

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