The crimes of BRD medical college, Gorakhpur

No more crying in the middle of the night  No more playing in the middle of the street No more mischief in the class No more tantrums in the house  No more exams to pass  No more dreams to chase  How can they, when the children are no more? Not one, not two, 13 children […]

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coronary stent 2

License Raj Makes A Comeback

National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority’s move to cap pricing of coronary stents would adversely affect well-to-do patients and medical tourism industry in India After the Delhi High court passed the order to slash the price of stents, National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), a government regulatory agency issued a order on 13th Feb, 2017. This order came as […]

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death certificate of Mohammed Yakub Shaikh

Alleged murder at Toyota Service Center in Sewri

A hate crime appears to have been committed at the Toyota Service Center in Mumbai. Yakub was brought dead to the hospital on the 29th September 2015 in an abnormally bloated condition and protruding eyes on the day he had returned to work after Eid. Otherwise in good health, the condition of his body alarmed […]

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Map of recent reports of Dengue fever in India

How big is the dengue epidemic? There is not much coverage that gives us an idea of the scale, so I have attempted to create a map from various pieces of small news published in different newspapers in last couple of months. This page will be updated with new reports when I come across them.

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Information on dengue prevention

Dengue Fever season: Protect yourself

Caution: Do not take asprin or ibuprofen as self medication if you have fever that matches the symptoms of dengue. Asprin increases tendency to bleed. Dengue reduces platelet count and increases tendency to bleed. Asprin given to a dengue patient will increase chances of hemorrage and shock. Covered in small news stories is a large […]

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