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Advocate M L Sharma needs no introduction. The man who is pleading innocence of the Delhi gang rapists in the "Nirbhaya" case, who routinely blames the girl and her friend for the rape and who famously said 'I have not seen a single incident or example of rape with a respected lady. Even an underworld don would not like to touch a girl with respect.' and demanded that the victim's friend be hanged because 'This all happened because of the lust of the boy. This is the boy who should be hanged. He's responsible for everything. He should be punished.' while invoking Gandhi to plead for life for his clients.....

Well, yeah. That serial PIL filer guy.

Who also happens to be one who filed the PIL asking for Aam Aadmi Party's funds to be investigated that resulted in an avalanche of donations as an expression of support and backfired on Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde because people thought he was persecuting Aam Aadmi Party.... yeah that guy.

He has filed another Public Interest Litigation today, it seems. I have just received a completely absurd document in my email that demands action against Times of India and Legally India for publishing the allegations of the intern who claimed to be molested by a judge that are making news.

This petition too holds unique Manohar Lal Sharma-esque quaint quotes like "Lady never speak truth".

It seems that the intern saying that she was molested by a judge was a "concocted criminal action against the judicial systems" which must be investigated by the CBI and Times of India and Legally India must be punished. Even more bizzarely he claims to have offered assistance to the intern who apparently did not take it up, which somehow contributes "proof" that she was deliberately trying to frame the judge.

Perhaps Manohar Lal Sharma did not realize that girls would not find his offers of help about a molestation reassuring after he has worked so hard to blame the victim in a clear case of brutal and premediated rape, torture and murder. Or maybe it was the creepy view he expressed to media about what he would do with his daughter if she had acted as the victim did (went on a bus with a boy). I mean, which molested woman wouldn't eagerly grasp the opportunity to be insulted by a creep and be blamed for her own ordeal?

To pick a random gem:

Because sheer reference of sexual harassment by a lady cannot be accepted as a offence . However impugned statement does not contain name , at e, time and place where such action was done. It does not reveal even the date of the offence . Name of the room /hotel /court does not reflected in the statement. It is prima facie have no value but it was published under a concocted game by the respondent girl having hand with other conspirators just to defame the judiciary...

And another one:

Because petitioner learnt through ancients books which has already disclosed and established several times that lady never speak truth...

Basically, he has no point beyond trolling the court because he is pissed that the intern accused the judge. His concern for women's well being being well established at this point, I think it is fair to say his priorities on crimes against women are vastly different from our legal system (at least as claimed).

With this logic, any crime where a criminal is named is defamation. To understand how Manoharlal Sharma's relentless PILs are a problem, read Advocate Apar Gupta's excellent piece "Saving PIL from the petitioner"

Regardless, no point rambling. Here is the document. Make what sense of it as you can.

Manohar Lal Sharma PIL