Satish Acharya cartoon for on the cow urine disinfectant for hospitals
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The Gobar economy. Finding economic value in barren cattle

When you begin with a conclusion and backfit “science” to prove it, absurd things happen.The Holy Cow seems to be one such absurdity plaguing India these days. Trumpeting the importance of the cow, the Hindutva right governments are all out to “protect” said cows by preventing all cattle slaughter. While cow slaughter is already banned in […]

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What if Nisarga had his own tablet to use? #BetterWay

The Better Way contest on was a good opportunity to put into words an increasingly urgent wish for Nisarga. To get him a Lenovo Yoga tablet computer. How do you get a 4 year old child with Cerebral Palsy to learn to use computers – something that is bound to make his life easier? […]

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