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There seems to be a perception of a massive change for the better with Modi getting elected. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds, because all I am seeing is that a political puppet that got exposed and thus rendered useless got discarded for its alternative. Or perhaps more accurately, one out of two political puppets got exposed and rendered useless and got discarded, leaving the full weight of the masters behind one.

I had brought this up when the scam exposes started, triggering the UPA2 spiral into the abyss. It was the government getting exposed and rightly so, but the absence of scrutiny on the other side of who was profiting from the government corruption was a telling indicator that long back. The absence of scrutiny from the opposition was easily covered up with big dramas to media and outrages in Parliament, but rarely over anything that did not get exposed in other ways already, and almost never with legal action and accountability (they have since *acquired* Subramanian Swamy for a fig leaf on that).

It is no coincidence that media buried the paid news report either. It is a larger part of the corporate media puzzle, where the free speech of media hasn't been muzzled, but prostrated. You are not supposed to see the non-audience facing side of the set.

While there were two corporate puppets, with the traditional "rulers" leading, the stakes weren't as high. It was important that the puppet win, but it was okay if the other one got chosen as well. When that ended, the stakes grew higher in making the remaining puppet win.

The India that imagines that Gujarat is actually some kind of Shangri-la that will spread India wide is in for a rude awakening. People from Gujarat still end up in Maharashtra for work. The promises and methods of the BJP offer nothing that would give a different result from the UPA2.

All that we have got is a fresh face with its make up in tact, unlike the UPA2 with its running mascara and ugly scars showing. For a while, the facade will last, then the stories will seep through, because neither in Gujarat, nor in its manifesto is anything that will actually prevent the government from misusing its power, which is already happening in Gujarat.

All that we will have is a government better able to fool the people into trusting it, and you'd damn well expect so, given the kind of money being poured into convincing the people of the promised land!

At the end of the day, it is business as always as far as India is concerned, only with the side effect of the other risks that come with this puppet.

There is no end to dynastic politics. The Modi wave has swept UP carefully around the rulers. Both the Gandhis, supposedly much hated by BJP made it without any particular visible intent by BJP to rout them other than a token Modi rally in Amethi after Kumar Vishvas started making a visible challenge and dividing the anti-Congress vote became important. Where Aam Aadmi Party didn't have the resources to mount a big challenge, in Rae Bareily, Sonia Gandhi breezed through without any particular challenge from the BJP either. "Mullah" Mulayam Singh Yadav, much reviled by BJP, won from both seats he contested in a state where the Modi tsunami was on, Dharmendra Yadav and Dimple Yadav won too. What is stunning is the win of Akshay Yadav - entering politics for the first time, pitted against a BJP MP who was earlier in the SP and with a massive Modi wave backing him. The Modi wave did not harm him either, even as it decimated both Congress and SP otherwise.

Its job of electing the next emperor done, media is emerging from its Modi haze to now raise questions about him. Possibly because alarmed journalists too are realizing that this isn't an NDA government, or even merely a BJP government, but a BJP government without even a proper opposition. And journalists who toed working briefs now have to look at what they have wrought and are not so sure this is what they had set out to achieve.

It does not matter. If questioning couldn't stop the UPA, which at least had the sense to deny or apologize for wrongs in public, it is not going to matter at all to the BJP which has long made a virtue of public claims of innocence and victimization while deploying other tracks of communication to actually defend its actions and show them as in the interests of India. The media has been rendered mostly irrelevant in a system carefully crafted to maintain impunity for the powerful. By the time the media will be needed again, there will be a nice lull to erase memories and anyone with too many neurons will be shuttled away to where they can't be heard.

For the rest of the country, it is going to be life as usual, interspersed with some nice goodies to keep them aware of how their lives are transformed, while the very country gets eroded from under their feet in invisible ways. Do contact me if living actually becomes easier for you by next year because ab ki baar Modi.


Dear bhakts,

This letter is tough to write for me. Less because I was wrong and more because I really don't like the Lok Sabha Election result and many of the methods that led to it either.

That said, I was wrong. Completely. I thought at best it would be an NDA government. I had not imagined a BJP majority and a BJP majority without even a leader of the opposition was not even considered. Clearly I was wrong.

I still don't believe BJP has the capacity to handle diversity, which is vital for a country like India. I do believe there is an inherent cruel streak among BJP supporters against those they consider "other" and a tendency to get rid of them. Whether asking that they commit suicide or that they go to Pakistan and such on social media, or leaders speeches or the organized efforts put into hate campaigning. I don't think this enriches India - even a BJP controlled India.

However, this moment of satisfaction is due, and I have no hesitations admitting it that I was wrong and I am completely saddened by this result. What is even more disgusting is the foot soldiers of a ruling party telling people to leave the country or commit suicide or use Burnol and more. Clearly, the intention of Modi for the well being of all citizens of India is not shared by his band of merry men. And we all know how Modi was innocent but Gujarat happened anyway. This may not be Gujarat, but I know the script. Modi intends to take all along. He can't be considered responsible for those going around bullying people who are empowered by this win.

Perhaps I need to make a "Modi is not responsible" generator before even he takes oath. No matter what happens, he is the man of progress and he is not responsible. And this is the cost of progress. Very well. We must live with it. Not like we have any choice.

Because the problem isn't Modi. The problem is you lot whom he counts on for votes and is unable to control. You, who claim to worship the ground he walks on, except where he says anything that may get you to not bully people. Modi's ability to lead you is clearly seen when he calls for respecting women and you trend a tag insulting Sonia. It is seen when he speaks of inclusion and you are talking deportations. If Modi was all he said, it isn't so much of a problem. The problem is that Modi says what he wants, while his machine is on another track. The worship mainly seems to be for being able to be bullies without restriction, since either Modi is supremely ignorant or he knows about both Giriraj Singh as well as the paid bullying campaigns running a counterpoint to his speeches of inclusion and his fine with his two track messages - one proper for making news, the other bullying to control.

Do I accept this result as fair? Do I think this is what India deserved? No. I think this government is the Congress's parting gift to India. An extreme state of fed up that recoiled so bad, it toppled over the other side. Or that classic film scene where a victim of one horror flees it blindly only to be run over by a car.

Is there a Modi wave? It seems so. Is this behavior we see from you what India wants its society to be? Extremely unlikely. Unfortunately, extremely unavoidable.

That said, in case you want better screen shots to troll me with, here are some quotes. You are right, and you may repeat it as often as you like.

I had thought Modi will not be Prime Minister. I was wrong.

I had thought BJP will not get majority, I was wrong.

I believe that BJP cannot handle diveristy - I hope you are able to prove me wrong. It will be better than me being proved right.

Moving forward, here is some heartening news for you. Few countries recover from right wing infestations easily. There is no threat to your control in a hurry. There are five years left yet. If, beyond Modi and BJP, there exists an India, it would be nice if you could dial down the hate for Indians you don't like for a while or at least trying to delegitimize their Indian citizenship. You purchased a campaign that gave your messiah five years governing the country, not the country itself.


Political party supporters are usually biased in favor of parties they support, but BJP takes it to a whole new level with a complete disconnect with reason, dignity or even self-preservation. Some days it is like watching a road accident. It is horrifying and you can't bear to watch and you can't look away. Other days it is like a macabre dream, where you see someone walking off a cliff and you are only supposed to watch.

The election fervor comes with a lot of political and communal polarization. This is a time when it hits you that there is no level to which some of these will not fall, no sacrifice of own reasoning powers too great to see one person cannibalize not only political opposition, but own party as well.

BJP has lost its vision, all sense, decency and honor. Sometimes you just pity BJP supporters for the shit they have been fed. It is an alternate reality.

"No cases against Modi"

When do they see there is no Santa Claus? I don't even feel anger. I feel concern and fear. How does one communicate with a person whose "facts" come from some place not verifiable? What do you feel angry about if a person has been informed things that aren't true and taught suspicion about contradiction?

"clean chit" by Supreme Court.

They don't even have the mental freedom to wonder when Modi appeared before SC. Forget us "sickulars", but it would make some news even through the party pipeline if it was Modi's hearing in the Supreme Court? Where does the clean chit come from?

The alternate world created by BJP is like the Hote California. Check out any time you like, but you can never leave. Entire "facts" warped. And in this imaginary world, everyone is Modi's enemy, because basically most Indians hate India and he's the only one trying to save the country.

The creepiest part is if you speak with them, there is no sense of finding anything odd with any of the contradictions. It is like every belief is standalone and not required to tally with other beliefs - even their own other beliefs from their wonderland. Hindus persecuted for thousands of years, converted, killed in vast numbers, Hindus reproduce less than Muslims... but Hindus are still majority - but they are at threat of extinction - must be defended or will go extinct.And they can discuss this for hours with complete seriousness with no visible indication that anything doesn't tally up.

There is no perception of a logic mismatch between Hindus exterminated in their own land and continuing to be a majority. There is no mismatch between Hindus being a majority in spite of such extermination and them being under threat of extinction when they are not being slaughtered by the "millions". There is no mismatch between a four thousand year old faith (your mileage may vary) surviving a history of repeated invasions but unlikely to survive the present government unless citizens rise up to defend it.

It is like a complete suspension of critical thinking. Unquestioning recording of facts as informed with no urge to put them together and see what the larger picture looks like. Or perhaps there is no awareness of completely contradictory ideas being a part of the same picture.

It extends to other beliefs as well. The defenders of one of the few civilizations in the world with several "prostitute" professions with well outlined civil rights and legal protections today use the "fallen woman" standard of the monotheist religions to insult a woman they hate, but see no incongruence in their adoption of a near identical stand from those they claim to viscerally hate. They hate everything Islam and Muslim, but their leaders recommend very Islamic rules for women. Woman's place in the kitchen, school uniform with overcoat to prevent harassment of girls...

Their loudest accusations against those they hate, usually turn out to be their own practices - whether they are true about the accused or not. Funding from the "Ford Foudation" is a recent example. But there really are many. BJP supporters and leaders are found shouting the loudest on acts they have defended about the BJP. Weeks after officially persecuting South Africans in Goa AND defending the actions staunchly with an abundance of racist remarks, BJP had forgotten all about it, polished its halo and was accusing AAP of racism. BJP flip flops on free speech are too many to count. The irony of asking the country to move on from the 2002 riots while condemning the Mughal invasions is lost on BJP.

Their bizarre actions after the Delhi Elections were another example. Got most seats, refused to form government. Taunted AAP about not forming a government, but complained when it did. Told AAP to accept Congress support, accused AAP of accepting Congress support. Created a ruckus demanding resignations, accused of escapism when they resigned. Accused AAP of squanderinng public funds by not forming government, refused to form government in spite of having more seats. It is incomprehensible. This is party leadership in Delhi we are talking about, not your average supporter on Twitter.

It seems to be a brainwashing so determined that it leaves the brain damaged to even put two thoughts coherently side by side and get a sense of proportion. Without intending any insult, it is a scary symptom. You see basic coherence appear in under teenage children. What exactly is the level of regression we are talking about, and what goal is worth psyops of this scale that people have to completely destroy reasoning skills to support a cause that can't make sense with functioning critical thinking skills?

I am not angry. I am alarmed at the primitive level of operating of the brain, where everything is basically reduced to a fight or flight instinct for political purposes and executed with animal cunning like methods of pack attacks and simple dismissal of what cannot be thought through. What will devolving to such a level offer even the cause it serves? Will it enhance the Hindu cause to have people unable to reason out complex concepts and evolve them further for enriching the civilization?

You see this among Pakistani right wings on the Internet. Growing up with realities like "Indians are cowards", "India is the biggest threat to Pakistan", "Hindus are cowards" and what not, you cannot make sense of what they talk when you encounter them online. There is no point asking what Bangladesh is doing as a separate country if Pakistan has never lost a war against India. There will be some conspiracy theories of treachery, some circular logic or outright detour from the subject to return right back to the "belief" - "Pakistan has never lost a war against India" - you cannot budge it, because there is no logic entering or exiting from it to engage with.

It is psychotic and dangerous, but how do you get angry at what basically amounts to deliberately cultivated schizophrenia? In BJP you see it strongest around Modi. Modi's enemies are everywhere. Congress, Italian Sonia, Pope, CIA's Ford Foundation, AAP... within BJP.... everywhere. Not one moment to pause and wonder how it is democratic for a leader "everyone" hates to lead the country. No sense of any verification. Modi is a great leader, except his greatness must be explained by PR agencies and you have the same descriptions over and over. Modi will be an accountable Prime Minister, but doesn't like being questioned. Modi will make hundreds of new cities, but can't name one in twelve years in Gujarat. Can go on and on, but it is basically like "hypnosis". Where your critical thinking is suspended, and you believe whatever you are told.

Whatever you cannot explain is the conspiracy of "others" to turn you away from your true path and you must focus and return to it. It is the "others" without honor and liars, though fake pictures, pamphlets and propaganda are being used to support Modi, not others.

BJP coming to power in this primitive state of intellect is as good as turning country into mental asylum.

It is one of the reasons I rarely get angry with trolls. They are simply from an alternate reality, perceiving to be cornered and under threat. They believe the visions they are shown and what appears to us as hate and violence is them waging some imaginary desperate war for survival for most supporters - while the core criminals know exactly what they are doing.

To believe BJP propaganda is to believe that the party that never had a simple majority in the country is actually the true definiton of everything Indian and those who oppose it are not legitimate Indians. India has more anti-nationals than nationals in its population. Because basically most want to destroy their own country. There isn't the slightest shock to hear that Hindutva leaders called for karsevaks to be killed to enrage people and build mometum for demolishing the Babri Masjid. This is the kind of behavior they attribute to terrorists - jihadi - willing to die for a cause. Yet there is no discomfort learning that supporters like them were calculatedly wasted and passed off as victims of resistance to their cause to get more people like them. It is chilling. The complete lack of self-preservation or even comprehension of betrayal.

It is a bizarre mishmash addicted to supremacy that admires Hitler for the same reason it admires Israel and the same reason it admires Modi. Modi's biggest selling point, that will get bragged on the street, but never admitted officially is that it was under his rule that it was possible to teach the Muslims a comprehensive "lesson". It is why the riots after 2002 do not register in memory, because rioting Hindus are not a problem. Muslims did not riot. The "development" is merely a civilized veneer. If you could dispute and debunk every single claim of Modi, you still would not be able to budge his core supporters, even if you could show someone else superior in all aspects. Because the development is the selling point to get others to allow their desired leader leading the country. It isn't their reason. They will merely find another reason or allege a conspiracy or strike some deal that gives Modi something new to brag about.

The goal is that bloodlust. That addiction of annihilating lives and proving superior. Primitive. Reminds me of a comment about cannibals. They not just defeat their enemy, they eat him. That is how the subtle promises go. Riot accused given tickets. Statements that 30% of Muslims harbour terrorists. It sets the stage. it is a promise of an orgy to come. It is irrelevant whether it happens. Sooner or later it will. Moving in the right direction is all that matters to those seeking their supremacy fix.

There is no concept of the leadership owing them anything, even their own lives and safety - which, ironically is the reason they believe in the cause if asked openly. There is simply nothing to believe in that cannot be changed, no level of evil that must be avoided if it helps the cause. No amount of self-respect lost is too much. No sacrifice is too much - even if it is used to invent a lie for the cause where your own people kill you and turn you into a trophy to get more like you. It is all fine. There is a serene acceptance of the cause being right and everything else merely being the path to it.

It is sad that exploitative leaders destroy the minds of those supporting them. Ugly price of loyalty for mind to become unreliable. Bizarre as it seems, I feel angrier on behalf of BJP supporters than at them.

This is as disturbing a post to write, as it is to see the complete mental subjugation. I debated for a long time, tried to find better words. In the end decided to put it how I could, because this is the best I can express what I see, though I believe it falls short.