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#BoycottKerala – new rabbit, same hat

Adopt a rabid dog from Kerala

The last few days have seen alarming reports about culling of street animals in Kerala. “Apolitical” groups have launched a #BoycottKerala campaign. However, not everything seems to be as it appears. Street dog attacks on children The whole thing apparently started with increasing attacks on children (real or perceived) when 2 children 3-4 year old where …

Sunanda Tharoor’s mysterious death

tweets by late sunanda tharoor, shashi tharoor and meher tarar

Shashi Tharoor returned from the AICC meet to his hotel suite he shared with his wife Sunanda Tharoor at around 8:30pm and found her dead. Her body seemed undisturbed and was lying in bed, according to Shashi Tharoor’s PS, Abhinav Kumar, who called the police. Separately, DNA reported that Sunanda Pushkar (her surname before marrying …