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General readers survey

We have come a long way, and it is time for me to enter a new learning and growing phase, and who better to guide my way than you, who have walked along? Below is a short survey for regular readers. I would appreciate it if you took a moment and shared your feedback so […]

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Percentage of time devoted to rural news on TV
Women's rights

Tarun Tejpals informal letter of apology to the victim #TehelkaRapeCase

With letters getting leaked only to go missing all through this Tehelka Rape Scandal, I have decided to post copies of new ones here, just to be sure that they don’t go missing or change after factoring into public perception in specific ways, like the original one. This is the letter Tarun Tejpal wrote to […]

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Dictator Narendra Modi
Politics & Political Commentary

Scented Handwash: BJP supporters struggle for Freedom of Speech

I have lampooned our government often over censorship and it is a Congress Government [each word is one among dozens of links on this blog criticizing our government on regimenting free speech]. This is because it is the UPA government in power. The BJP aint smelling sweet on this though I made the mistake of ignoring them. […]

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An Appeal to support AamJanata blog

I need funds if I have to be able to continue blogging. I have been trying to avoid this point for a long time, but now I must earn while being able to blog, or I must take up a job – in which case, given a special needs child and job, I am unlikely […]

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Politics & Political Commentary

To Pakistani journalists

To all of you anonymous, known, yet to be known harbringers of truth. India Pakistan anything is not easy. Be it praise, care or even blame. So here I am, an Indian, telling you in this moment at least that I care. Not my place to recommend anything. Not qualified. Not as journalist, neither as […]

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