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The tragic irony of Muslim protests

Ironic Islamic Protests

There is little point writing beyond this. Muslims protest. Whatever it is, they protest. Protests turn violent. People condemn. Then it is an insult of Islam. This rubbish cycle continues forever… Today, when news hit that a Berlin court has allowed a rightwing extremist organization to use cartoons of Mohammed during their protest; I remembered …

Questions smolder in the wake of the riots in protest of Assam riots

Van set on fire by angry Muslim protesters in Mumbai

Who were the rioters? Was the violence planned? Why was the security establishment caught sleeping yet again, in spite of clear warnings like: Asad Owaisi’s speech in Parliament. Whether a warning of trouble possible, or a threat, the subject HAD come up in the Parliament and got noticed. Why was it not taken seriously? Pakistani …

My Babari Masjid Verdict

After much thinking, this is what I think should be done about the Babri Masjid conflict. All the arguing parties must be told to go home and forget it. The whole land should be returned to the Earth – Nature. Nothing built. Left to grow wild. Totally wild. After all, before a Masjid, before a …