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AIMIM Memorandum to the General Manager of Toyota

Update on hate crime murder of Yakub in Toyota Service Center, Sewri

An AIMIM worker has updated that MLA Waris Pathan and the MIM workers team took murdered Yakub Abdul Hasan’s family to the offices of Toyota and met the General Manager to submit a memorandum with several demands. Specifically stating that Yakub being murdered while on duty and by employees of the company, in a conspiracy […]

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Dead end for Yakub Memon. Cartoon by @MANJULtoons
Economic inequality

After Yakub Memon’s execution. Now what?

So #Yakub Memon was finally hanged this morning. The #Supreme Court did a dramatic early morning hearing to hear the challenge to the President’s rejection of Yakub Memon’s mercy petition, and Yakub lost the case. Even if he had won it, it would have won him at best 14 more days to live. Perhaps some […]

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Yakub Memon

#याकूब_को_फांसी_दो #SaveTiger trends as SC dismisses #YakubMemon’s plea

Short, disappointed post just tickled at the irony. In my post “Who profits from hanging Yakub Memon?” I had pointed out that hanging him basically means yet another dead witness in #India‘s grand tradition of dead witnesses against powerful criminals. Ironically, as the news of the #Supreme Court dismissing his curative petition on the day […]

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Yakub Menon even more strange – a case of Chinese whispers? #YakubMemon

At 1:52 this afternoon, Majid Memon, a journalist, wrote an article “Yakub Memon: Break the official omerta – In #Yakub Memon case, state displayed bad faith” about his perceptions about the case and how he had helped verify information Yakub Memon had got with him about the residences of #Dawood Ibrahim, Tiger Memon and another smuggler, Taufiq Jallianwala, […]

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AIMIM rally in Pune demanding 5 per cent reservations
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All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul Muslimeen (AIMIM) rally in Pune

Hyderabad based AIMIM led by MP and leader Assaduddin Owaisi after the recent success in Maharashtra elections had announced a rally in Pune Maharashtra to demand implementation of 5% Reservations from the Maharashtra Government which had been struck down by the courts. The rally was already marred by controversy when Pune police denied Mr. Assaduddin […]

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