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Narendra Modi with Nawa Sharif after swearing in
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Ab ki baar, about turn sarkar

Perhaps the way the Modi government intends to deliver good governance is to do about turns on many things they used to criticize. Here are the highlights. How important is education exactly? Smriti Irani, a never elected, never graduate politician is heading HRD. Which in itself isn’t such an awful thing, given that lack of […]

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TATA port threatens sea turtles, charge conservationists

Construction must stop to save endangered sea turtles April 05, 2008 Gahirmatha’s seas are one of the world’s largest breeding areas for the Olive Ridley Turtle. The Dhamra port could signal the end of this habitat forever. Delhi, India — A coalition of Indian conservationists, comprising Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI), the Wildlife Society […]

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