Indian Army

Indian flag photographic collage

What about the Indian Army?

So a team came across the border and killed Indian soldiers. How many soldiers killed? Whether the killers were Pakistani Army or terrorists? Who said what and what to outrage about? The usual flurry of activity continues unabated. As a citizen of India, my concern is less with all these things and more with the […]

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. @Pragmatic_d on Siachen glacier “Conflict”

Share “ The only way India can pacify Hafiz Saeed is by renegotiating Indus Water Treaty and stopping construction of all dams. Let’s debate it too. pragmatic_desi Thu, Apr 12 2012 08:55:18 ReplyRetweet Share “ Nearly 1.5 lakh Indian lives were lost in road accidents in 2010. Time we vacated the roads, the way we […]

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Some thoughts on AFSPA

Again, the time is come to talk about the AFSPA and again, the rhetoric is the same on all sides. Another classic Indian stalemate. Omar Abdullah has taken on himself to get the AFSPA revoked from some parts of Kashmir at least, and wants the Army to give him options other than “No”. The Army, […]

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