Flouting of norms continues @ Golden Chariot hotel and its sister concern Balaji Grand Police & MCGM seems not in mood to take ACTION!!

Flouting of norms continues Saturday, June 03, 2017 By Raju Vernekar The Golden Chariot hotel and its sister concern Balaji Grand do not seem in the mood to take permissions of the concerned authorities before carrying out any activities in their premises While the issue of the suspension of trade license of the Golden Chariot […]

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No BMC action against Golden Chariot

No BMC action against Golden Chariot Wednesday, March 15, 2017 By Raju Vernekar Although the fire brigade has cancelled the NOC granted to the Golden Chariot Hotel, located at Hub Mall, Goregaon East, which was gutted in a massive fire on 29th December, 2016, the BMC is yet to take action against the hotel which was accused […]

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the Indian Farmer League, but why?

A quick project update: The Vidarbha project to help the farmer: A total of 6.91 lakhs has been raised thus far towards our initial target of 10 lakh.  We are who we are, because of the opportunities we got. Farmers, on the other hand, have become what they are today, because of the opportunities they […]

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7 What lies inside Big Bazaar's fire exit

Media Release: False Fire Exits at Golden Chariot & Big Bazaar at Goregaon Hub Mall

Monday, 9 March, 2015, Mumbai: Imagine you are enjoying dinner with your family at Golden Chariot restaurant, on the second floor of Goregaon’s famous mall, The Hub. Suddenly, you see smoke. No, not the delicious smoke from a sizzler, but the black, rubbery-smelling smoke from a short-circuit. An uncontrolled blaze has broken out in the building. People […]

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Annual rural wage growth from September 2007 to November 2014
Land Rights

What is going on in agriculture?

On one hand, we have glowing reports of the growth in agriculture, particularly horticulture. On the other, we have “Rural wage growth lowest in 10 years, signals farm distress, falling inflation“. To me, this indicates that farmers are doing more for less. Add to this the drastic disinterest in schemes like NREGA, reduced legal restrictions […]

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