Human trafficking

National Commission for Women Chief Mamta Sharma

National Commission for Women or political puppets?

Where is the National Commission of Women that was so critical of Somnath Bharti’s raid in Khirki? The women supposedly assaulted in the raid, whom they were so concerned about who filed a complaint over being mistreated by the crowd have filed a far graver complaint. That of being entrapped and exploited for prostitution. Harish […]

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Photo of a prostitute by Capitan Giona
Women's rights

Prostitution, sex trafficking, sexual slavery and personal autonomy

A pro-choice response to an article Taslima Nasreen wrote calling for the abolishment of prostitution: Sex Slavery Must be Abolished While Taslima Nasreen and I both share a concern for women’s rights and I have absolutely no quarrel with sex trafficking or slavery being abolished, we are very different in the solutions we find acceptable […]

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