HSBC bank

Indian Express Swiss Leaks expose

#SwissLeaks: Indian Express publishes account holder names leaked from Swiss HSBC

The Indian Express, in collaboration with Le Monde and International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has published a list of a hundred account names (yes, the Ambanis are there) leaked from HSBC bank in Switzerland that have Indian addresses. Rigid laws protect Swiss banks and the HSBC bought out an existing bank in 1999. In 2007, […]

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Screenshot from Yash's video for man in the browser attack for ICICI
Digital India

The broken online banking and what they don’t tell you

Yash K S is a software developer. In the last year or so, his interest in identification methods led to him discovering a vulnerability in online banking that can allow a malicious attacker to use attacks like Man in the Middle or Man in the Browser to steal money from bank accounts. He published his […]

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