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3 crore Muslims and 4 crore Dalits missing from voter lists

Khalid Saifullah, the founder of the Missing Voter App and CEO of the Hyderabad based RayLabs undertook a study and found that 15 per cent of all voters and 25 per cent Muslims are not present on the electoral list. Therefore approximately 12.7 crores of all voters and three crore Muslims will not be able […]

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stone carving silicosis
Human rights

Temple carvers unite against scourge of silicosis

Pindwara, a small town in Sirohi district of Rajasthan, is the main hub for India’s temple-building industry. In the past three years, this sector has been found to spread fatal disease and death through silicosis among men, some as young as 19 years. The Swaminarayan sect’s imposing Akshardham temple, Bihar and Jharkhand’s Jain mandirs, renovations…

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Census Data Houselisting and Housing

Number of Census Houses  Data Type Houselist Item Total No Rural No Urban No Total % Rural % Urban % Census Houses Total number of census houses 330,835,767 220,695,914 110,139,853 100 100 100 Census Houses Total number of vacant census houses 24,672,968 13,579,338 11,093,630 7.5 6.2 10.1 Census Houses Total number of occupied census houses […]

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