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Gity Yousafi speaks about the right of women to work as they wish, like men.

Women and men both of them have a special role in the society. Both of them have right to have their jobs that they want. It is their right no body can’t take it. But unfortunately in our society men took all the right from women they don’t let their girls and women work out side. Today it is the big problem in our society; men let their self and give right for their self to identify the job of women and limited jobs for them. For example when a girl study engineering, law or economic after finishing or graduating they want to get a job that they love and they study in their filed, but they faces with prevention of their families. They said it is not good for a girl to work as engineer or work in the court beside the men. You must be a teacher not more. Some of the girls try a lot to satisfy their families for works that they want some of them success but some of them have to accept it. It the problems of our people with their thoughts. I love my people and my country but I don’t love some of their thoughts and fanaticisms about women, I don’t know how they let their self to jail a woman in the house and don’t give them any right, or say you must do this and don’t do that, why? They are also human beside they are a woman, girl, mother, wife or sister they are human kind like others human they have their own right. It’s more happen in illiterate families.

Now a days people want to accept the women rights but their society and their thoughts don’t let them they must accept us as a human and give us all our rights if they don’t want to change, it is our job to change them. We also have power like men why we accept every thing that they say us. Now we see most of women try to get their positions if we see in our parliament, women are more than men it shows our abilities. We must never lose our self, no one come and gives our rights, and it is our job to get it. Because it is very important in our society and our future women must have a role beside the men, when we can make our society that both of us men/women work.

I hope one day I can see my country in peace with no war and violence.

(Gity Yosufi) Herat, Afghanistan


Gity Yousafi on religious violence. She asks a fundamental question that is increasing in importance in today's world - can religion and violence co-exist?

This is a question; can violence and religion be together? Can’t violence destroy the religion?

The violence belongs to human, when show it self that intellect is silent and doesn’t work. How ever human be near to the first period of life, is more rough and harsh. Violence is not a simple phenomenon in human life; it has religious, social, cultural, political, and economical aspect.

Ignorance and intellect are two different things, if ones come other goes. Where is the ignorance it is no place for intellect and where is intellect it is no place for ignorance. We had and experienced violence in our life in the past. For example when a girl born they killed her or made her as a slave, it is belonging to the state of the Arabs before Mohammad.

Now days also we have in our society, for example in Norestan province and some other places in Afghanistan, how ever they don’t kill her but they make her a salve that must work until she die.

Family’s violence is a lot in our society, that cases forced marriages, self-immolation, and some other things. Last year we had 150 women and girls they suicide and burn their self in Heart. What should we do for these women and girls? All these are happen because of family’s violence.

Now I want to say about religion.

We have two kind of religion: Ignorant religion and divine religion.

  1. Ignorant Religion: that believe violence is belong to human, and it is a kind of religion that human is itself creature. For example if we see people that they life far from cities that most of them are illiterate, in this case some of our Mullas they preach something that it has benefit for them they never say about the Islam correctly and the people believe them and do it, they think that they are holy persons every thing that they say it is right.
  2. 2- Divine Religion: depend to human intellect and try to spread the intellect in human body until the ignorance doesn’t find in human body. Divine religion is intellectual religion, in this religion humans can be comfort and make a great life for them self. Fortunately now a day in our society it increase and make people aware and wake them that they were sleep in their ignorance.
    I am very happy that most of the people try to flee from ignorance and they try to be educated. I hope one day my country and its people have a good life with out and war and violence.


Gity Yousafi, Herat, Afghanistan


This is the new instalment in the Afghan life series by Gity Yosufi from Herat in Afghanistan. It brings a look into the difficulties faced by Afghan women in practical, day to day life.

The conditions of Afghans women are very bad, after Talliban time the women could be relive again and took their freedom and right, but these freedoms are limited by their families and their society. Their fathers, brothers and husbands control them and don’t let them to work that they want, they must have their permissions, to go to school to work and to do some work that they want. Most of them are illiterate; if we see the condition of women in other provinces we can clearly see they are like the slaves nothing more. For example in Norestan province there is tribe by the name of Bari.

Baries live in the bottom of the mountains, in Norestan the high class of people live in the top of the mountains and others live in the bottom, the Baries known humble persons, they are Muslim but they don’t know about the Islam, also the Norestanies are Muslim but they don’t let Baries to come in their Mosques because they said they are dirty. They are carpenter and all their houses are wooden.

In this time Norestanies women are like slaves that they buy. By their weak body they dig the ground and do the hard works they do all the work like outside and inside works, form their born until their death they must work and earn money to their husbands, even the marriage is not to become unite or love, it is a dealing , man buy her by his goat, every woman is sell by 100 or more goat , in fact the man invested on her until her death she must earn more than that he buy her. Norestanies women don’t have any right and freedom, the Mulas explained the Islam in the way that they want or have benefit for them.

If we totally see the condition of Afghans women we see most of them are deprived form their rights and freedoms, it is not the definition of women in Islam. Islam gives her rights and her freedoms, but the men don’t want to accept it, they don’t want to be in depended.

Woman is the honesty of God, she is worthy to respected and get knowledge, to work in politic to be social. Woman is mother, sister, and wife but first of all she is human as a human she has right to life and do the work that she wants, she is the part of society and humanity.

It is the order of God for men:

(Speak with your women in worthy).

Herat Afghanistan (Gity Yosufi)