Women's rights

The role of women beside men : Afghan Life

Gity Yousafi speaks about the right of women to work as they wish, like men. Women and men both of them have a special role in the society. Both of them have right to have their jobs that they want. It is their right no body can’t take it. But unfortunately in our society men […]

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Religion and Phiosophy

Violence and Religion

Gity Yousafi on religious violence. She asks a fundamental question that is increasing in importance in today’s world – can religion and violence co-exist? This is a question; can violence and religion be together? Can’t violence destroy the religion? The violence belongs to human, when show it self that intellect is silent and doesn’t work. […]

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Condition of Women in Afghanistan : Afghan Life

This is the new instalment in the Afghan life series by Gity Yosufi from Herat in Afghanistan. It brings a look into the difficulties faced by Afghan women in practical, day to day life. The conditions of Afghans women are very bad, after Talliban time the women could be relive again and took their freedom […]

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