Depression and suicidal thoughts

Contemplating suicide

Suicide is a taboo subject for conversation. Particularly what makes a person want to commit suicide or what to say in the face of their pain.

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#ChennaiRains Helpline numbers #chennairainshelp

Helpline numbers and other useful information for the Chennai flood crisis [table file=””][/table]

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Indian regional languages distribution
Politics & Political Commentary
Women's rights

How serious is Modi about the well being of women?

As the election fever hots up, the BJP – seen as the front-runner across most opinion polls – is dishing out a campaign which is a heady cocktail of Hindutva and promises of development. Having comprehensively failed in 2009 when it tried to make the Advani-Manmohan Singh fight a personality, rather than an ideology contest, […]

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fake journalism by Free Press journal

Update on the fake article in Free Press Journal

Here is what is going on with the fake article about emotional distress helplines that Free Press Journal. There are mixed messages galore. After some attempt to fob off the fake reporting as the helplines giving quotes and then denying later, the reporter admitted that she had no proof of the interviews whatsoever. And it […]

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