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License Raj Makes A Comeback

National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority’s move to cap pricing of coronary stents would adversely affect well-to-do patients and medical tourism industry in India After the Delhi High court passed the order to slash the price of stents, National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), a government regulatory agency issued a order on 13th Feb, 2017. This order came as… Read More »

An Ad  looking for farmers

   Getting worried about the farming crisis, an elected official (elected officials don’t usually worry about this) was asking the assistant how they can get more people to adopt farming. The assistant simply said – we can create an advertisement in all leading news papers in all local languages. The official agreed it’s a good… Read More »

The Kids, The Dance, The Farmers

My daughters first fund raiser performance next week is to help the farmers. It was a coincidence and the fund raiser is being organized by Save Indian Farmers. So thanks to her, I got to know and learn about another group working on the same cause.  Today when I dropped her at her dance class,… Read More »