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Was there a script for Modi for PM and Kejriwal for CM?

There seems to be a fringe theory floating around about a larger international conspiracy (CIA etc) influencing Indian politics using the Ford Foundation (among other things). The Great Game India blog (linking to blog because too many interlinked posts to link individually) has been with this train of thought for a few years now. That the RSS […]

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MLAs surrounding speaker in Delhi Assembly
Politics & Political Commentary

The strength within the Aam Aadmi

Arvind Kejriwal made a small speech hinting at a resignation. The last two days have festered with the bjp and Congress nuisance over the Janlokpal bill. Dr Harshvardhan keeps parroting to media that bjp supports the Janlokpal Bill “100%”, but for some strange reason, expresses that support as voting against the bill being tabled. The […]

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