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Dr. Narendra Dabholkar - rationalist, humanist
Religion and Phiosophy

Narendra Dabholkar’s speech on tradition and superstition – English translation Part 2

  Narendra Dabholkar has become an icon of rationalist thought in India, but his works being mostly in Marathi are understood by few non-Maharashtrians for either endorsement or criticism. I am attempting to translate some of his speeches, so that his thoughts may reach more people and inform opinions. This is part 2 of the […]

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Konda Reddy tribals will get wiped out by the Polavaram Project
Land Rights
Politics & Political Commentary
Tribal rights

Diyar development-hit tribal villages, ab ki baar, greater good hain yaar

On day 2 of Modi on the job, his cabinet has passed the ordinance for the Polavaram project. It is waiting for Pranab Mukherjee’s signature. Apart from 136 villages, 211 hamlets and 7 mandals being transferred from Telangana to Andhra, as per the Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan study conducted by Agricultural Finance Corporation […]

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