Footprints on the Mountainside

Memories of the mountains. So here’s some of what I saw, heard and went through, behind the scenes action o­n the best planned trekking tours and some hair-raising situations that are definitely easier to write about than to be in.

Advanced Mountaineering Course

Here are some photos from my Advanced Mountaineering Course sent by one of the participants. I don’t have any of the Basic – no camera, no one sent. [slideshow] The sad part is that there are very few pictures of the action, since she couldn’t click pictures then. Over the coming days, I’ll try and …

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The wanderer's mind

Vidyut Kale comes back to Mumbai after 7 years of living in remote mountains as a nomadic horsewoman and finds herself homesick for the mountains….

I have been a professional outbound person for over 12 years now and it is one of the most satisfying professions I could be in. I have worked hard and often on high altitude treks, with horses on riding trails, cooking, guiding, translating, climbing, organising and in general wishing that a day could have 48 hours. I have been frustrated, tired, happy and every other emotion there is, but I have yet to feel like leaving the outdoors as and find work elsewhere.