High Level Corruption in Fire Department, Values Money more than HUMAN LIFE !!

To, Mrs. I A Kundan Additional Municipal Commissioner (Western Suburbs) To  CFO, To  ACB Mumbai To DCP Kiran Kumar  Chavan To DMC Kiran Achrekar Sub: A) High Level Corruption in Fire Department, CFO Fails to submit Fire report even after three weeks of fire incident to favor owner of Golden Chariot and fails to initiate prosecution proceeding […]

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Human rights

Self immolations and the unconscious mind

Sunny Singh makes a very intriguing and perceptive observation about the Arab Spring and the rash of self-immolations that it brought. She points out that while self-immolation is known culturally in say India or among the Tibetan Buddhists, it is a very important taboo in Islam. Not only is suicide forbidden, but mutilating a body […]

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