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Violence at Aligarh Muslim University and the role of Republic TV

Shocking reports emerge of the role played by Republic TV in the events that unfolded at the Aligarh Muslim Universtity campus. Reports from students describe incitement, accusations of “terrorist college” and violence by BJP activists, including a gun fired. Not the first time that TV crews were present and ready to cover BJP affiliated violence.

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A life in clothes – Part 1: Childhood

Raw version. Publishing before I lose guts. Will take a look for editing in a couple of days. As I was thinking of the Besharami Morcha coming up in Delhi, I found myself reflecting on clothes. I looked for examples I could “use” and found a narrative of my life in clothing. I grew up […]

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The Dalit Girl and the Brahmin Old Woman

A memory of how my High caste Brahmin grandmother took a Dalit girl under her wing and mentored her education… a relationship triggered by me, but sustained, nurtured and celebrated by one unlikely pair.

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Mr Balwant Godbole – an awesome guy!!!

He’d throw a fit at his granddaughter calling him an awesome guy. “Disrespect!!!” he’d call it, while chuckling about this post if he reads it. Must ask my cousin to show it to him. Ajoba, if you’re reading this, its Soni. Gundi shared the post on Sobati about you, and I’m very happy and proud […]

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