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A discussion on voting

A discussion about voting and its role in transforming the political climate of India. “ What is this voting people talk about? 40% population voting carefully will bring same results as 80%. The question is who to vote for. Vidyut July 29, 2011 “ @Vidyut nope it wont – out of 40% ppl voting – …

The Dalit Girl and the Brahmin Old Woman

A memory of how my High caste Brahmin grandmother took a Dalit girl under her wing and mentored her education… a relationship triggered by me, but sustained, nurtured and celebrated by one unlikely pair.

Mr Balwant Godbole – an awesome guy!!!

He’d throw a fit at his granddaughter calling him an awesome guy. “Disrespect!!!” he’d call it, while chuckling about this post if he reads it. Must ask my cousin to show it to him. Ajoba, if you’re reading this, its Soni. Gundi shared the post on Sobati about you, and I’m very happy and proud …