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Open letter to Aamir Khan || attn: @aamir_khan


Dear Aamir Khan, This is about a video of you on the subject of All India Bakchod’s Knockout Roast. I agree with many views you expressed. I think it was juvenile, offensive, irresponsible. I agree that being profane for the sake of being profane is not funny. I agree that jokes about identity, color of …

‘Vested Interests Have Stalled Reforms,’ Former Navy Chief Admiral DK Joshi Tells NDTV: Full Transcript

Admiral D K Joshi (retd) interview by Nitin Gokhale for NDTV

This interview transcript went missing from the NDTV site without explanation, so here it is. Here is the full transcript of NDTV’s interview with Former Navy Chief Admiral DK Joshi. NDTV: What prompted the government to accept your resignation with such haste? Admiral DK Joshi: On the speed of its acceptance I really have no …

Quick charts: Why do we need education reinvention?

Outdoor education

A few days ago, I wrote about why education reform in itself is not important and why we need existing ideas of education scrapped and new and useful ones to be developed on the Homeschooling India blog. I was looking for ways to bring home the point that education is rapidly losing relevance. Look what …