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If only Pirate Party patented crowd sourced manifestos

Making this quick and painless. Today, supporters of two Indian political parties claimed to be the first political party to have crowd sourced manifestos. Aam Aadmi Party and Congress. Crowd-sourced manifesto is the toast of political parties now. Distracters of AAP should thank @ArvindKejriwal atleast for this. #AAP — Mango man (@dchinmay) October 23, 2013 […]

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Open Letter to Justice Vasuki of Madras High Court

Dear Justice Vasuki, I am writing to you with concern about the recent developments after an order of yours was used by Copyright Labs as a tool to block access to large parts of the internet. I really appreciate your clarification issued to the ISPs that the order was intended to only block specific urls […]

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It is NOT about piracy, stupid!

Keeping this short and straight. The blocks on the websites that happened recently, are not about controlling piracy, but about controlling the internet itself. If you look at the top popular sites where anyone can post content, you will see that increasingly, there are three kinds of sites. The first are those that have understandings […]

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