Feminist theory

Vidyut and a local woman from the village Sethan, Manali
Women's rights

Dear misogynist troll, I’m not a feminist. I’m worse.

On an internet where a woman with opinions attracts a flock of men advising her on the opinions she should have, women who refuse to listen often become targets of those who decry them as feminists. And sometimes end up applying the label wrongly. As in my case. I am not a feminist. I think […]

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Gender seggregation
Economic inequality
Human rights
Politics & Political Commentary
Women's rights

Gender Ghetto Politics

What really gets my goat these days is the bull in china shop approach to women’s rights, which has a male dominated state and society trying to fix everything (sexual assault) – for women. I am a woman and I agree that there is vast gender inequality in India. I believe that women need to be empowered. I don’t […]

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Percentage of time devoted to rural news on TV

Two stories of rape justice

Two men noted for feminist liberal attitudes, in positions of authority, leading organizations with activities and objectives not pleasing several kinds of rogue elements. Two staunch feminist victims who had unhesitatingly raised their voice against rape and rights of rape victims, with knowledge of law and immediate procedures after rape alleging rape with strong feminist […]

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Women's rights

Consumer Feminism: The dark side of the women’s rights struggle

I believe that the women’s rights struggle is evolving from a phase of being controlled by men within the family to being exploited by men outside the family, and feminist lingo is increasingly being used to discredit any resistance to the exploitation, while ignoring the vast majority of real exploitation. This is not women’s rights, […]

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Learning from Delhi’s slutwalk

Some points to learn from while organizing Mumbai’s Maal Chaal. This post is more of a to-do list for me, not really an article. Feel free to read, follow or contribute or use the list to help you act. Stuff will keep getting added, removed. Remain open and available. Coordinate with main people so that […]

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