Gender seggregation

Gender Ghetto Politics

What really gets my goat these days is the bull in china shop approach to women’s rights, which has a male dominated state and society trying to fix everything (sexual assault) – for women. I am a woman and I agree that there is vast gender inequality in India. I believe that women need to be empowered. I don’t …

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Percentage of time devoted to rural news on TV

Two stories of rape justice

Two men noted for feminist liberal attitudes, in positions of authority, leading organizations with activities and objectives not pleasing several kinds of rogue elements. Two staunch feminist victims who had unhesitatingly raised their voice against rape and rights of rape victims, with knowledge of law and immediate procedures after rape alleging rape with strong feminist …

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Two day workshop for women as agents of change

There is increasing awareness of women’s rights among educated and progressive sections of Indian society. Women, regardless of the state of awareness of their rights are no longer content with their traditional lot. From women in Bihar rejecting suitors over lack of education or sanitation to activists occupying India Gate in protest, what is no …

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