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Thermal Plants want water, farmers need it

Drought and Farmer Suicides 101 for Manu Joseph

Not sure how to do this, given that this is a data free hatchet job by Manu Joseph. So it isn’t like he is claiming that his absurd claims are backed by data to begin with. Still, because I’m irritated enough, doing a limited take down of yet another attempt to trivialize the gravity and […]

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Asthi Visarjan

Reflections on an overdue farewell

This morning, my mother woke me up telling me that my father was no longer breathing. It wasn’t entirely unexpected. He was suffering from Parkinsons and had deteriorated rapidly in recent times. And he had suffered. Coming awake in a hurry, I checked him. No breath, no pulse, he was still warm. My mother had […]

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Travellers surprised by sudden rain

An overdue conversation with rain

Was drizzling when I woke up. Rain had arrived like a wayward teenager slinking home in the early hours of morning, greeting the day with “What? I was right here!” “What? I wasn’t up to anything!” ~ rain. “Exactly.” ~ @Vidyut “If you’re going to be snarky, I’m going.” “Where?” “Out” “You’re already out” “Anywhere […]

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Biskit Baba - Rishte mein to hum tumhare AAP lagte hain
Politics & Political Commentary

Rishte mein to hum tumhare AAP lagte hain #cartoon #BiskitBaba

New Biskit Baba cartoon after the stunning victory of Aam Aadmi Party in the Delhi Assembly Elections. Image: Biskit Baba

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Zahid Ansari train stunt survivor and counsellor

Railway daredevils: Mumbai local train stunts

Mumbai local trains are infested with young daredevil stunt performers who perform death defying feats clinging to the sides of the train and resting on foot boards and window edges. Accidents abound.

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