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The Kingmakers – Baker Street Spies & Indian Elections #GreatGame

The Great Game blog has an interesting post by Shelley Kasli that caught my eye. The Kingmakers But many a king on a first-class throne, If he wants to call his crown his own, Must manage somehow to get through More dirty work than I ever do. —W.S. GILBERT in The Pirates of Penzance quoted […]

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What is the value of a domestic worker?

Indians mistreating domestic workers is nothing new. We casually raise our eyebrows at domestic workers raped, killed and tortured. Such news coming from politician’s homes may be an opportunity for ridiculing the party, but it isn’t going to see anyone protesting on the streets. Nor is anyone going to stop voting for a politician just […]

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Women's rights

How to reach to your Dreams and Wishes | Afghan Life

This article by Gity Yousafi from Herat, Afghanistan is from an ongoing series called Afghan Life, where friends from Afghanistan send in their stories and articles as an effort to understand the Afghanistan beyond the news priorities. NONE of the articles in this series have been written by me (Vidyut). It is the message for […]

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