Di Zi Gui

Crowdsourcing the future

It has been a while since I have problems with my husband. Every time I tried to walk out, I thought I may not be able to, without support. Depended on parents, depended on miracles, didn’t work. Perhaps a part of me was not ready to take the step. I thought of parents, in-laws, old […]

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Women's rights

My experience with domestic violence

Many see women who remain in abusive circumstances as somehow not fighting back. They are assumed to be reconciled to their fate in life. Many think they develop a kind of dependency. I can say for certain from my own experience and from conversations with abused women I met, that if a viable option emerged, […]

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Working with differences

Learning to see the big picture is all about making that shift from seeing differences to seeing diversity. Essentially the words are the same, but diversity brings in an awareness of belonging to a larger whole. It is also enriching rather than diminishing. The first time I was able to make this shift, it was […]

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