black man with drug packers in fist caught by mob
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Somnath Bharti and the Nigerian drug raid

Somnath Bharti conducted a raid with the help of area residents after Delhi Police refused to act on information about drug peddling, leading to a major scandal.

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ragpicker child forced to pick up dead body parts
Child Rights
Human rights

Does Indore station routinely exploit rag picker children to pick dead bodies?

How can officials exploit rag picker children to pick dead bodies from railway tracks? When I first read the news of a 12 year old rag picker boy forced to pick up a severed limb of a dead body on the railway tracks at Indore, I thought the newspaper had reprinted an old story of […]

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man with chopped off hand in hospital

The price of refusing work – a hand

A horrifying story has come out of rural Orissa where two labourers, Nilambar Dhangada Majhi and Pialu Dhangada Majhi from Nuaguda village are admitted in a serious condition at the Bhawanipatna district headquarters hospital after having their hands chopped off by a middleman contractor when they refused to go out of state to work in Chattisgarh. […]

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Nigerian murdered in Goa and aftermath

The Nigerian murdered in Goa seemed like any of our many crimes till state ministers started making blatantly racist comments about Nigerians in the media. I started reading up on various aspects of the story. Here is what all I found. There is no way to conclude anything based on Googled news reports, but it […]

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Defamatory bill at Aditi Restaurant

Dear Congress, how is this for defamation?

Political parties in India are quick to heap insult and slow to give respect. When a restaurant in Mumbai made a controversial political comment on their bill, The Youth Congress reached there in large numbers enough for the police to shut down the restaurant (unless they forcibly shut it themselves, as one version goes). The […]

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